Is the universe necessarily flat?

Well, there is a belief that the universe is flat.I think that, given the crooked paths that a photon could take through space, is a pretty daring guess. Because what you see in the sky tent is, on the one hand, what is already fleeing from the Big Bang or is approaching me. But the one cannot be what flees, otherwise it would not be with me, because all the photons that do not fly in my direction, they fly past me. So it looks to me like I’m the center of the world.

How should I now know (measuredly) which of the photons have been on the road for a long time.Yes, there are people who think the redshift will bring it, but that’s not true. Because photons moving away from the Big Bang have long passed us and continue to experience the red shift, but when they come back now, they experience the reverse effect of the blue shift and therefore have a very similar effect Spectrum signature, as the usual environment possesses it.

In addition, I also wonder how the photons come back to me without reflecting anywhere?First of all, the first photons should not be in front of them, because the photons should be the first botts of the Big Bang. And secondly, the photons move at the speed of light, even though the space only grows with the speed of expansion, that is, where the very first photons should now be, where the space cannot yet exist, if it were correct that space and time with expansion speed.

So I think that consideration all comes from the Stone Age of physics.

Each measurement is presented to us only via the photons, also called radiation.And since science believes in the curvature of space through time, it should also be legitimate to imagine the universe as a crooked curved thing. Because the photons as messengers of what we call measurements are then not reliable aids from which one can derive, they get its completely straight from big bang to us and with seeing this is such a strange thing. Because the room is notoriously curved and what is curved on an extremely long path, this can appear completely straight in our eyes and make things seem to be where they are not and certainly cannot be.

So it is that some scientists, and people who wanted to be, cannot look beyond their limited horizons.

My answer is not ambiguous by chance, but everything that I just happened to answer is fictitious.

And the universe is also not flat and you can only see it from the inside, which I can only draw from the outside.

Because all functions indicate that there is no interior and no outside and therefore there is no concrete reason to assume the universe is flat or a sphere or the forces of the center attract so much that everything is pushed flat from the center.

Believe me it’s a joke to believe the universe be flat when it knows no outside or inside.

Where is inside and where is outside?

The apparent separation of time and space is the perfect illusion that our minds have created so that we can understand and distinguish what surrounds us.

When you see the Big Bang as radiation in the sky tent, you see the original point source at every point in your sphere of vision, i.e. from the inside.

And if you were at the bang now, you would only be able to look at it from the outside. Is this the fault of the temporal or spatial distance?

This shows that you don’t understand enough about time, because time is just a spatial curvature that your mind can appropriately shape without having to understand it.So what is curved, space or time?

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