Is the solution to the problem of fake news in education? Should we better arm our children against fake news to turn it off?

There are a number of very important competences In education.Critical thinking is one of them. Financial education is another.

Brexit is an example where critical thinking comes in handy.What is fake news about Brexit? If you are a supporter of Brexit, there are a number of important undeniable benefits that prevail for you. A number of other facts are detrimental but as such not important to you. An opponent can be against the same facts. So we are talking about opinions. The Gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est. The Romans said it all, about colors and preferences is not to argue.

What we were allowed to experience in Belgium for twenty years, censorship on the newspaper sites of opinions not shared by the paper, we now have as “hot” item on a global scale.In essence, Twitter removes what they want. Better yet, “shadowbanning”, just not the tweet or not many tones is very easy. If Twitter would do that genetically to well-known persons, that would attract too much attention. In the unknowns it can be almost unlimited. Same with Google. I am looking for information about Brexit and expect Google to give me information. However, it is Google that ranks results and shows in its sole discretion. Some interesting tests where Google versus DuckDuckGo was used, shows that a certain opinion piece is not found by Google and yet at DuckDuckGo it pops up as one of the top results. Free search, free email, everywhere cookies need critical thinking. How do they earn their money? Through advertisements. What do they know about the things you’re looking for? The things you read through the free browser? How easy is it to make you happy with information that confirms your opinion? And happy people are a little more inclined to buy than others. Facebook someone? Any idea what they show you? Do you choose that or choose Facebook what you see? Wikipedia anyone? Moderators of all sorts. Would you like to write something about climate change? Or about the president of the US? You will soon notice what is and what is not allowed.

Advertising for that deodorant brand seen?Loser squirts a little deo and hops, all the yummy girls fall for him. Advertising for that car? Anyone really got such consumption as with which one advertises? Or that friendly bank that is totally with the people but money washes for criminals and gets away with it as well? Or that ISP with those fine words whose customer service never solves anything? The system in which we run is a capitalistic system. The rules are clear, revenues come from sales of products and services. You no longer sell by putting the defects of your product or service into the paint. You sell more by putting the benefits into the paint. Even better is if you exaggerates a little bit. And then some. And some more. In Advertising and marketing It is called the hyperbola. Everyone (according to the marketers) knows that some assertions are not real. But that is 100% certainly not a deception. What I say, a thousand percent. Because in arithmetic we are not very good.

There is no problem regarding fake news.Propaganda, advertising, marketing and sales, it’s basically all the same. The truth does not, the facts acts violently, conceals essential gerks or disadvantages. Distorts facts for the benefit of this or that. How can someone whose wages are paid by large advertisers, banks, car brands, real estate chains be independent and critical for banks, car brands and real estate? Critical thinking is important. Trying to figure out the facts, stripped of opinion and interpretation. And above all, a theory that explains a phenomenon is more confident than a theory that cannot explain it. For example, if I was a company that spends a lot of money on advertisements with a particular newspaper, I did it Enfermeira to:

  • Ads to disguise as article.
  • Limit the damage of negative news.
  • Positive news on the front page trying to get instead of on page 32.

I want profits so I want to have as great a ROI as possible, return on investment.It is the logic itself.

And the foundation is laid in education.Unfortunately, the quality of the training as a teacher and educator has deteriorated very much in Belgium. To the level that certain essential skills and knowledge are lacking in those who teach. In addition, society is running on employees and the task of education is to deliver good employees. Good listening (standing in line, from then to then lesson, then pause, truancy forbidden, smoking forbidden,…) does not provide freethinkers. No “out-of-the-box” thinkers. No innovation. Basic accounting (to make or keep your own budget cash flow positive) is not taught. Financial instruments are not explained. The role of the central banks, which are now mass-printed notes which we still think is worth something, is not explained. Saving money and inflation is not explained. A company needs a soldier, orders follow up.

It is a serious problem today that critical thinking is virtually non-existent. People are also no longer looking.Who reads newspapers? Who reads newspapers from both leftist and right-wing media? Who reads newspapers outside of their own country? And outside Europe? And outside Europe from both left and right? You need links to know what’s right. And right to know what links are conceded. You can do it every day but who does it? I can tell you: practically no one. And it has never been easier to find information thanks to the Internet. Oh irony.

I think we should be bringing adults rather not to believe everything they read or hear.

What is fake news?I think the most abused word of 2018.

Usually when people talk about fake news they don’t mean to divorce facts of fiction, but unwelcome opinions that don’t fit into their own agenda.

Unfortunately, you see that classes in schools are not always free from staining, so the only thing left is children simply learn that the truth is always somewhere in the middle and that they should use their common sense (something even politicians still sometimes Forgotten).

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