Is the Masonic truly a secret society?

Secret is according to “Something no one knows or may know”.However, when you are typing freemasonry on any search engine, you can find a list of Masonic lodges, with address and phone number. Also on the home page of Freemasonry in the Netherlands you can find this information.In addition, all Masonic associations are registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Where does the rumor come from that Freemasonry is truly a secret society?In The first place, this has grown historically. Freemasonry originated from a kind of guild. In the mid-thirteenth century, the London stonemasons United in the Worshipful Company of the Freemasons of the City of London.The stonemasons at that time could read neither write and count they could only be up to twenty.After all, 12 pennies went into a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound. More than a pound would not deserve a simple stonemason. Written diplomas were therefore not very useful. When a pupil was educated and journeyman, he was allowed to make a mark, with which his work could be identified and he got a password and a sign with which he could identify himself as a companion. We must not forget that he had to keep all that he had learned secret and the profession of builder, architect and building master was neither a mystieker than rocket science in the years 60 of the last century.

From these guilds, at the time of the Enlightenment, a men’s club arose, where not only were the building workers, but also scientists, directors and other distinguished people, who put science above the faith and thereby became a danger to the power of the church.

A second reason for that mystery is that Freemasonry is an initiatory society. Just like the old construction guilds, a newly admitted candidate must undergo a ritual.This ritual is not secret, all rituals are available on the Internet or are offered for sale on the internet. Only with the experience of rituals is the same as with watching a film. If you already know the plot, then the fun is off. The impressions you politely are much less and the initiation which is supposed to be a special moment in your life clearly loses value. Therefore, anyone who is interested in Freemasonry is also advised not to look for those rituals.You are ruining your own experience and that is sin.

But if Freemasonry is not a secret society, why do you hear so little about it?That’s because Freemasons love what they are told for themselves. That, incidentally, is not so weird. People also don’t talk in full what happened in their bedroom. Also groups of friends tell nothing by what is communicated to them in confidence. So in Freemasonry you can lose your egg without any problems. It is also sometimes said that Freemasonry is the oldest self-help group for men.

Conclusion: Freemasonry is not a secret society.You can find the Masonic associations with name and address on the Internet and they are registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Because Freemasons have a close (friends) group They know to keep a secret and the rituals with which someone is initiated do not reveal them either. They keep secret to not ruin the experience for the new member.

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