Is The Flat earth movement an American phenomenon or is it also in Western Europe?

It is a worldwide thingy.Thanks to the Internet, any kind of madness can quickly reach every corner of society. And with the increasing need to be a good pissig on everything, via the internet, and everyone, among other things, that “flat earth” hassle is very nice. Everyone (collectively) very special and opposed. Self-reflection does not have to be a good cry with the rest. A number of “clever heads” have “proven” that the Earth is flat, so nice and easy.

If this is not your thing you can always delve into crystal/indigo kids, or let you and your environment categorify by the Myers-Briggs type indicator: It’s that easy!

Medical labels or neurological abnormalities do not sound very exciting either.There must be “more” in You than “simply” to dare to be an individual!

(All this, or go and read Marvel Comics and dream about what superpower you would like to have!But well, that’s stuck to down to (flat) Earth)

Yes, a lot of former Hollow Earth New Age and alt.Science believers have transitioned here to the flat Earth faith.

It went viral.The picture says everything.

Yes, even in Europe you come across followers of the flat Earth.

There is nothing wrong with that in itself. I do have some doubts about some of the leading figures of the Flat Earth movement. Take Eric Dubay as an example. Is it possible to be a Holocaust disexpert and anti-Semiet? I just hope this is fake.

Eric Dubay

For centuries, you may be persecuted, burned, crucified, stoned, beheaded, pawed or hung to hold a different opinion from that which was preached by a church.By indoctrination of in the cradle Dogmas became a science. The Earth, flat or round, is and remains the center of the world for everyone. Our culture is built on dogmas and look around you, it just goes on, killing and or prosecuting otherwise. To something that can only exist because one believes it.

I hope that the flat Earth dogma will not suffer a mass of suicide, as has happened once a few times with believers, by jumping in this case massively.

Is the Earth flat?Yeah sure, why not? If it can be or is in America, it can be in Europe too. The earth has been flat for centuries, and if it is no longer, it is because there are now too few believers. If there are enough believers, then they are with certainty and up to eternity flat, so is that.

If I have to choose a dogma to prevent the stake or hell waiting for me then I prefer the flat earth dogma.

In God We Trust!

A river flowing up against a mountain!?It can! Read the eponymous book by William H. Calvin and those who still believe in dogmas after reading this book must be very careful, one might just fall from the earth.

In the decade 1950 +, the Dutch magazine Panorama was an article about the Dutch flat Earth theoretician Klaas Dijkstra.

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