Is the firework ban for New Year’s Eve a good decision?

As a doctor on TV (or I read it in the newspaper) said, “If I give a feast which I know in advance that there are 500 wounded and maybe even killing I do not get permission for that.” But that’s exactly what happens to old and new.

A totally frenzied situation.

I am 100% for a firework ban provided that organized fireworks shows are offered in sufficient and well-accessible places.

I myself have little with fireworks.I don’t like to put it off because I find it scary and I find the hard blows that at some (mostly illegal, that’s then again) fireworks hear terrible. Fireworks also bring great environmental pressures.

I believe that, when there are well-organized and accessible shows, it is not necessary to cross as private fireworks.The advantage in such shows is that there is much better looking at safety, less fireworks are likely to be fired and you are sure that the fireworks are legal.

A very good decision for the animals!

Every year I had to stay outside with my dog for hours to help her the night because of her panic for the fireworks.Very pathetic. She was so upset that she didn’t want to go inside either.

Fireworks is terrible for many animals I suspect!

Personally I think of not.Reasons for this are:

  • The problems people complain about are fireworks outside of New Year’s Eve, illegal fireworks, fireworks thrown to others, their pets and small children, the environment and scrapping stuff.

However, this is all banned (except for pets and children and the environment.

  • The impact on CO2 emissions is negligible on an annual basis and I am also opposed to banning small things for people to make life more enjoyable (some environmental organisations want to ban BBQen, wood fire), while the bulk of the CO2 emissions of some companies.
  • The fact that the air quality is temporarily reduced, I find with my asthma an acceptable inconvenience.

  • The problem for small children and pets can be solved differently by letting municipalities decide whether they want fireworks-free zones or a overall ban.
  • Fireworks show in the world’s largest world cities often last as little as 15-20 minutes.
  • I can imagine the dullness of the small bourgeois shows that the Dutch municipalities will set up. This will also be 1 of the first things that municipalities will cut down on. No thanks.

  • Personally, I find the fireworks problem an enforcement problem.
  • The VVD has cut a lot with the transfer to national police and with the acceptance of VMBO’ers 15-20 years ago the level has also fallen. The police should just be better.

    Anecdote about the enforcement: In the district where my parents live, this year was already fired by 2 gas boxes from mid-December.They live in a village, so the two boys (and their parents) have been approached by neighbourhood residents several times, one had even called the polite. What did the police say? We cannot be surveunting everywhere. Neighbourhood dweller: Here and here they live, they have been approached on several occasions. Police: We can only do what if we catch them in the act. Neighbourhood dweller: But you just said you can’t be surveunting everywhere. Police: Yes that’s right. Neighbourhood dweller: Do I have to call when they are working again? Police: There is no point, because then they are already gone by the time we come.


    So far as the enforcement of fireworks stand out outside of the year’s Day…..

    Since the discussion has finally been thematised that the fireworks are for 20% of the annual production of health-damaging particulate matter, it is incomprehensible that the parting off of fireworks by a minority of impofied proponents is still not Forbidden for the sake of public health.

    This question implies that there is already a firework ban. Don’t make me happy with a dead mus!