Is the ego really an enemy of success and growth? What are the 10 most important points to neutralize the personal ego?

But just how you use it.In the positive sense, a strong ego would allow you to face the truth, without touching it if it contradicts your understanding. You learn continually, are not afraid to see your own ignorance. Excellent for success..

On the other hand, a weak ego might find it difficult to admit mistakes.A weak ego could find that painful and therefore want to evade it naturally. It would be amazed. Not good for success and growth.

Neutralising the personal ego would not be desirable, it seems to me.Akin to not doing yourself, if that is possible. A 10 point list would be very depreing.

The question probably has a bad or weak ego and how to get away from it.In consideration:

  • Self-awareness.

Consider yourself, what are your inclinations, automatic reactions. How do you stand in front of yourself and how you stand in life. Are you good with your own imperfection

  • Learn to submit to the truth.
  • At the expense of everything, especially from your ego, if it should. Embrace the opportunity to make mistakes to learn. With time, perhaps initially weak, ego will become stronger and will therefore reduce the discomfort. Let the truth stand. No one can tornen. Only people who are not good, who fabricate their own reality. Dodge them. Does not become like them.

  • Try to make no mistakes.
  • (Don’t make a jar of it)

  • Recognize that others are just as important as you
  • Recognize the first and great commandment, and he second that is equal: Love the Lord thy God and thy neighbor as yourselves.
  • Find the honor for others at least as much as for yourself
  • Love yourself.
  • Be your own best friend.

  • Have a lot of patience with yourself
  • Dodge people you get down, seek contact with those who encourage you, who are happy with your success.
  • Am an encouragement to others.
  • Share your success with others give them the honor.
  • Be thankful.
  • The ego is a central part of our psyche.The ego protects man from being hurt and allows him to function in psychically superficial contexts. Only through the ego can we exhibit custom behavior. The neutralization of the ego is rather dangerous priettalk of shamans and the like to make you willing for all sorts of manipulations of your precious self. Against these manipulations, we have designed the ego in our childhood. The downside of this is, of course, that the ego will also exhibit manipulative traits, when the shielding function of the ego is not known. An adult person or better one with his self-integrated personality does not need to shield his precious self at all, as a child still had to, because it did not yet possess the intellectual resources, to oppose intrusions of that self Protect.

    No, I don’t believe that.I think my ego in my previous career was just responsible for my success and growth.

    I think you have to use everything you have to be able to grow, so also your ego.You just have to bet those things in the right place and time.

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