Is the Bible a plagiarism?

You this is going to be a home game for me; the Jewish priests can draw, rob and steal nothing as “

Already because 6-year-old Johann_Wolfgang von Frankfurt caught a powerful slap from his father with the question

” Here this is illogical.How can God have already made the light on the first day, when he created the sun only on the fourth day? “

I was influenced by the writings of the British philologist ===> George Thompson.Thompson – and not just him – teaches that ethnology knows more than one thing, so to say rules without exception.

If you are willing to allow even one exception, you are lost in an impenetrable scrum of lies.

Many say so carelessly in their youthful recklessness

” No rule without exception “

But this would again be a rule.Your exception would be the – rule without exception …

Thompson believes that anyone who tells an illogical story hides a corpse somewhere in the basement.In the case of the biblical story of creation, the favorite child of all creationists, it stands 1:0 for Thompson.

We have known the Sumerian Gilgameschepos for a long time; here online on Youtube you will find great recitations as well as interpretations of this work of world literature.

Just to work out the basic idea; perhaps you know from the Acts of the Apostles that the proposition of Peter

” QUO VADIS Domine?”

which was then the title of a famous Hollywood Bible_Schmachttzen.The Bible is known to teach the resurrection of the dead and eternal life.

” I am the WAY, the truth and the LIFE. No one comes to the VATER than through me.”

Gilgamesh, on the other hand, argues the other way around at 180掳.After eternal glory, Gilgamesh now strives for eternal life. G. the ===> Wanderer also WEGE returns to the ” hostess at the end of the world “

This argues ( see above )

Gilgamesh; Where are you going?You will not find the LIFE you are looking for.

When the gods created the world, they kept life to themselves and imposed death on us human beings.”

Only Utnapishtim ( = Noah ) was rewarded with immortality by the gods, because at that time he had built the ark at the behest of the gods.

I already knew this stuff from the big Gilgameshnacht ( 19 h – 24 h ) , which ran by number rich second radio programs ( here: SWR2 )

Maybe you’ll get to the record.

So that landlady grants Gilga an interview with Utna; this reports ( with minimal deviations ) the Flood Story from the Bible:

” Forty days the tide ran out.It was dark above the depths; and you couldn’t see your hand in front of your eyes.


And in seven days the tide passed.

Then the clouds cleared; AND THERE WAS LIGHT.


It cannot be stressed enough; this was NEVER a report of creation and should never be one.

The traditional Babylonian creation drama is (after its initial words) the ” Enuma Elisch “, the account of the struggle against the primordial world monster ” Tiamat “, from which the universe emerged.

That is, the Hebrew plagiarisms make a move on the Sumerian Flood Report and precede its last seven days of their Bible as a story of creation ….

And on the fourth day, according to Utna, the clouds cleared so far that the sun and moon were recognizable.REASON ” created ” God first the light and then the sun …

And on the fifth day the waters had gone so far that trees looked out of the floods again.

( On the fifth day ” God created the trees.)

My opinion of creationism.My classmate ” Mike ” once told me that his father had said

” There are men who have experienced something so funny that they think the whole world should know about it.That’s why they write it down.

Such men are called writers.

And then again, there are quite funny men.They know nothing better to start with their time than to write off sentence by sentence, word for word and comma for comma everything that others have long said before them.

These men are called plagiarists.

My son; I will now give you a golden rule of life.

Never waste the short time that God the Lord gives you here on earth, with the reading of plagiarism.”

So if Mike’s father is right with this diktat, let no one read the biblical story of creation any more …

There have long been evangelical theologians who swear that the world must be older than seven days.They then present the following remarkable interpretation:

The Bible does not begin with the creation of the world; there was a ” previous system of things ” before our world.In that foreworld, all the evil sinful angels would have gathered together until God had decided to simply drown that foreworld …

And only here do the Bible begin.

Strictly speaking, a hybrid theory that unconsciously leans on the Gilga Original and which is to be agreed in as far as the primal flood, as we now know, does not want to be a theory of world creation.

But let’s go further.Where does the word ” Paradis ” actually come from?

From the Mirror I learn that ” Paradeisos ” Persian = ” Zoo “

( literal translation: wall surrounded )

In other words, paradise is not a free space; not a primal state, but a symbol of captivity.In the Gilga, this is still very clear. Gilga wants to build the largest defensive wall and presses all the inhabitants of UIruk to fronservices

” Gilga was so cruel that his brother was not allowed to go to his sister.”

He introduces the incest taboo, which later gives rise to Babylonian temple prostitution.

Note, on the other hand, the biblical sex taboo from Absurdistan.Every psychoanalyst proves to you that the cunning snake = Adams Phallus.

Adam turns to Eve in an exhibitionist pose; this runs away screaming.

” Should God have really said that you die from sex?

Your eyes are opened, and you will know what is good and evil.”

Here, it seems, the origin of the feeling of shame is to be traced; a questioning that is completely subordinate disattached in the context of a true heroic epic.

Adam & Eve have no daughters – an age-old question.How do you want to create the next generation? As I said; such nonsense and nonsense is typical of plagiarism.

One of Adam’s sons is called Seth.Sethos a well-known pharaoh name.

In Egyptology I am not so well versed, but during my holiday in Egypt they wisely entered us spoons all the parallels of the Bible to Egyptian mythology; they are all official and irrefutable.

Now it’s getting exciting; the inhabitants of Uruk (the Urukese?) ask the Oracle of Ishtar what they need to do to finally get rid of this annoying boy Gilga. Love Goddess Ishtar

( Ishtar = Aphrodite = Venus; the Greeks speak ” AStarte ” only because they could never say ” SHot ” )

( The Greeks also wrote ” Gilgamos ” )

Love goddess Ishtar says, sends one of my temple dirns to the prairie.There she will meet the wolf child ” Enkidu “, who, dressed in lion skin, leads a herd of tapirs. (Or were they Impalas: they are so sweet and lately always come on NTV )

And seven days and seven nights Enkidu sleeps the maid without ceasing.

( Here what has the given to that; Yohimbim?Some zoo visitors do this with the monkeys … )

Again, you have these seven.

But on the seventh day Enkidu decided to rest ( understandable )

After that, he remembered his animals again – but horrified they all take rips from him.

Like Adam & Eve, Enkidu only becomes aware through his sexuality that he is not a NATURE but a cultural being.

Only Gilga is a dramatic heroic song, while with the Jewish plagiarists everything is pulled so smugly into the dirt.

What I mean.My daddy once told me about a butte ride where the presenter made such jokes

” Yes, our fancy ladies.Where would we be if we didn’t have them?

In paradise, gentlemen … “

The Gilga just isn’t good at joking.

So after Enkidu sees that he is abandoned, the inhabitants bring him into the city in a triumphal procession.

Gilga and Enkidu beat each other so violently with the club that there is an earthquake throughout Uruk.

The fight ends in a draw; the two become Frejnde.

Now there are some entanglements with the gods, with gods I don’t have it that way. In any case, the two heroes are told to go to the magic forest where the monster Humbaba is located.In the middle of the forest stands the holy cedar; these have to be felled.

The task can only be solved if they kill the Humbaba beforehand.

And here you actually have the model, 5of which Adam & eva is just a tired gossip.The Humbaba of the original mutates into a serpent in the field; Fighting is obviously not a matter for the Jewish priestly caste.

while Gilga falls the ” forbidden ” cedar and Heracles still the apples of the Hesperides STIEHLT , Eva crosses a commandment by picking the apple of United Fruit ” “

Do you know what this reminds me of?You also have to laugh at yourself.

It was in the Seta: the substitute teacher asks

” Who was the Hydra?”

My answer

” a nine-headed snake.And every time you made the one kpf down, nine new ones grew after her.

but Heracles was cunning; he had packed a box of matches.And then he lit the match and burned the stump, so that no head could grow back … ” ( Laughter )

the Schrat very sympathetic

” A firewood may not have been enough; Heracles had set fire to a tree.And with the glowing tree he burned out the stump … “

That’s what I mean.It’s easy to beep as Adam picks his banana from the tree while gilga drops the cedar.

By the way; googele times after the joke poem

” The Pleasure Murder of the Lagoon “

Yes and Gilga now thinks the gods are on his side.

Eternal glory and eternal life will be his.

But the gods teach him something better.

Enkidu dies; Gilgas SIEnday’s death lawsuit for the friend is the culmination of the story.

And even here there is an interaction with the Bible.Teach Paul to be “Good”.> gnostishe’s Gospel

” We have all fallen in Adam and redeemed in jesus Christ.

What dies will be perishable, will be resurrected in glory and incorruptible.”

Let’s put Adam’s iniquity in parallel with Gilgas’s iniquity on Humbaba and its forest.

No; there is no happy ending.The Gilga categorically denies any redemption; you see: religion does not necessarily have to comfort the hereafter.

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