Is something in your life only valuable when it is difficult to get it? (Love or fulfillment)

Well I love my son’s kids.It was really very easy to get them.

I do not think so.Value is a subjective notion.

A jewel can be worth a lot, but the memories that stick to it are still sold.

A ring of a few cents can be intrinsically worth little, but because good memories of sticking are never sold anyway.

Or something hard to get or doesn’t raise for mine value either.Something I like to have, but what is too expensive to buy, let me lie.

I only really got to know love when I was already in the Twenties.That would be difficult to mention, because children are already talking about dating and marrying. But it was worth the wait. 28 Years later she is still with me.

Fulfillment is a broad concept.It depends on what someone needs to experience it, or that was difficult to get. Initially I have been able to make my hobby (computers) my work. When that for health reasons no longer went, I have a lot of something I like (languages) can make my work. In both cases, there was fulfillment: I did what I wanted and could do.

A hug from my daughter, or seeing her laugh is very valuable to me.But she is very generous here, and I need to do weing for it to get it.

It does not have to be that if something is so easy to get, it is therefore more valuable. I can say that when someone is working hard for something and then finally can reap the benefits of what he or she has worked so hard for, it certainly feels good.It usually feels like a relief.

Sometimes there are also things that come spontaneously and without difficulty, but are so beautiful.Usually these are the little things that come into our lives and overlook. It really is a fact that sometimes you want something, but it comes hard and sometimes things come quickly and feels equally good.

There is no difference for me, because all the good that comes to your side, fast or not fast, always feels equally good.As long as we are thankful for what we get.


Breathing, good food, sleeping well, nice shelter, is all equally valuable.You only realise how valuable it is when you miss it.

True love is often self-evident, but because of your own passion you can find the difficult love much more important.As if you have to fight for it.

No, it’s just easy and self-evident.As the leaves run out on the trees, without struggle.

Fulfillment is not in the effort you have to do, but in the joy you experience.Usually super easy. It is then precisely the art to learn to appreciate the easy and simple rather than the difficult.

I think it depends on the interpretation you want to give to the word “valuable”.If that is a answered love, then it is that, but there are a whole bunch of other things that can give your life value.

Love is such an overvalued emotion-you can give enough, but you have to meet a whole triad conditions before you get it back.The question, rationally speaking, then arises whether it is worth the effort to catch your whole life behind love. Ironically, that behind the love of catching is also another condition that must be fulfilled before love is returned.

Fulfilment exists in many forms and formats.It might sound crazy, but I find a well-stocked bank account that allows me to do pretty much everything I want without worrying whether I can pay for it or I have to bite the rest of the month on a little wood , quite fulfilling. That sounds materialistic, but ironically it hangs a lot, also love with it. A very large part of the marriages and loves go broke when there is no money. Furthermore, I find something that you have brought to a good end after a long time, such as a complicated dish, a, in my case, very complex water-cooled computer and then receiving appreciation for it, also very fulfilling. Intellectual gratification may be even more important than anything that exists in the world if your primary business is disregarded.

In short, it’s just where you put your priorities.

The desire that is trying to capture outside of yourself is always an illusion.

In the end, you come behind the desire it creates.

And if you realise that, you’ll find the silence you’re actually looking for.

Not for me.

But for some others it is.

I look at what I have, not to how hard it was to get it.

If that’s okay, then that’s all that counts

I think there is certainly a truth in that.One night stands has never been a relationship with me.

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