Is Someone giving money a good way to prove your love for those?

For me, money is a cheap gift, besides earning itself of course, there is no trouble in it. It’s the excuse gift for if you don’t know it and don’t want to stop having trouble.

If I look for gifts for Christmas I always go months in advance looking for what would suit someone.I spend weeks trying to find the perfect gift for my family. That may be something cheap and small, but at that moment it just fits perfectly, or it can be a bit more expensive and bigger, as long as it fits at that moment perfectly.

For me, the value of the gift is in the effort I put into it, which is the love I put in it.

Suppose you give your sweetheart a box of chocolate.What shows more love, a 20 euro box of chocolate from the top shelf of the local super packed. Or a 15 euro box of chocolate from a chocolatier that you have searched for 3 days because you are convinced that it just better suits your sweetheart? Then you don’t just give a box of chocolate, but you give a story with the conviction that this is the best chocolate for him or her that you are giving them and make trouble that you have stopped in the story.

That’s the stupidest thing you can do!

Love you can not buy!

No, it is much better for the long term to teach them how to obtain money themselves, attach that to a temporary gift to help them out of the need. If they don’t accept it they want to buy you love and if someone is more beet they are gone.

Giving money as proof of love is accepted in some cultures.I think it is something else in Dutch culture. It is also the underlying situation, why is the money given, what are the expectations of the giver and where is the money for mean.

In Asian cultures, money is giving a form of love.But nothing is expected of it and there is no underlying thought or intent behind it to show how much you give to someone and his situation.

My perception is that in the Netherlands it is just as different, often it is seen as 鈧?虄love Kopen .

It is a difficult question to answer because the rest of the situation is not known and it is therefore best possible for it to be an act of charity.Or not.

What you have to ask yourself if you give money to someone who is love or that other person will recognise and recognise the intentions of the gift.And does not feel insulted or embarrassed.

And of course to advise yourself why you are giving money.I myself lived in Asia for a number of years and had a Filipino friend, I sometimes thought I had to help him financially from love. And have done that as well. But deep in my heart I also discovered that I was a bit afraid to refuse because he might love me less and then it becomes a completely different story. Because then suddenly it is no longer about giving money and the deed, then it is a lack of self-esteem and love.

Personally, I would be cautious about giving money out of love, especially when it comes to big sums.Chances are that deep in your heart is still living an expectant pattern or growing which can seriously harm the relationship.

Perhaps you can search together for a solution to get the necessary money in a different way.For example by keeping an attic clearance and selling stuff. (Just to name a few)

Giving money seems in my opinion not the right way to prove your love to someone, I would do something with the money and, for example, fetch flowers or something like that.

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