The name Rachel is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “ewe“. Even though she’s at her peak, Rachel is still one of the most popular girl names beginning with R, as well as one of the most classic girl names.

Put simply, is Rachel a good name?

It’s a good name, though, that you don’t see often and that I like. Rachel (a)-chel is pronounced RAY-chel as a girl name. It is of Hebrew origin and the meaning of Rachel is “ewe, female sheep”.

Is Rachel a unisex name besides the above? ??, Standard Ra?el Tiberian Rā?ēl, Rā?ēl\\u200e); also spelled Rachael, meaning “ewe,” is a feminine given name.

So what’s a nickname for Rachel?

Best nicknames: Rach, Rae, Rae-Rae, Rachie , Raych, Chele, Shelly. Variations and Sound Alikes: Rachael, Rachil, Rachell, Raechel, Rachil, Rachell, Rachele, Racheal, Raechel, Raychel, Raychelle.

Who is correct, Rachel or Rachael?

Rachael is a spelling of Rachel that has been around since at least the 19th century. It puts a slight English twist on the old Hebrew Rachel. However, Rachel has always been the preferred spelling of this name. Otherwise, Rachael is just a more elaborate spelling of Rachel.

What is the most popular name in the world?

Top names over the last 100 years

Male Female
Rank Name Name
1 James Mary
2 John Patricia
3 Robert Jennifer

What is the Spanish name for Rachel?

They would probably replace a similar name used in Spanish, e.g. B. “Raquel“. Wikipedia says (with no evidence) that “Raquel is a Spanish variant of the name Rachel“. *I suspect this is inaccurate. I would rather say that “Rachel” and “Raquel” are variations of the Hebrew name.

What are good usernames?

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What rhymes on Rachel?

What rhymes with Rachel?

  • 1 syllable. Skull. Dull. Will. Cul. Sul. Null. Gull.
  • 2 syllables. Angel . Painful. Able. Label. Table. Fatal. Grateful.
  • 3 syllables. Incapable. Unstable. Ungrateful. Unfaithful. Betrayal. Shame. Archangel.
  • 4 syllables it. Race across. Tired of life. Original. subliminal. Unstoppable. Unbelievable. Emotional.
  • 5 syllables. Individual.

How can I call my girlfriend?

List of cute names to call your girlfriend

  1. Wifey – Someone you plan to make your future wife.
  2. Honey – A classic bun on the tongue.
  3. Cinderella – Because she’s a princess in your eyes.
  4. Hot Stuff – When she’s irresistible.
  5. Snuggly – When you like snuggling her.
  6. Pumpkin – Because she’s bright and cute.

What are nicknames for Elizabeth?

Eliza, Liz, Ella, Betty and Ellie as well as some of the other (many) common nicknames associated with Elizabeth were for just not as appealing to us as “Liby”. We often call her Libby Grace, Libbers or Lizbeth. I’m Elizabeth.

Can Rachel be a boy’s name?

The name means sheep.. See also the related categories, sheep (ewe) and Hebrew. Rachel is an unusual baby boy name. At the peak of its use in 1989, 0.005% of boys were given the name Rachel. In 1989, 151 times as many girls as boys were given the name Rachel.

What is the abbreviation for Rachel?

Elle/Ellie – A popular female nickname, derived from the pronunciation of the last two letters of the name Rachel. Rai – Pronounced like “Ray”, for a very bright and attractive lady. Rach – Something simple for a Rachel who loves her real name a little too much.

How do you pronounce Rachelle?

The common English rendering of this Hebrew name is Rachel, pronounced ” RAY-ch’l.” Rachelle is the French version, pronounced “rah-SHELL”. In English-speaking countries too, girls are often given the French version. Since the name means “ewe“, I very much doubt that the name would ever be given to a boy.

What does Rachel mean in Amharic?

The meaning of the name is “Rahel”. : “Ewe”. Categories: Ethiopian names, Hungarian names, Polish names.

Is Raquel a common name?

How common is the name Raquel for a baby born in 2018? Raquel was the 930th most popular girl name. There were 285 girls named Raquel in 2018. 1 out of 6,478 girls born in 2018 is named Raquel.

How old is the name Rachel?

From the Hebrew name ???(Rachel) means “ewe“. In the Old Testament, this is the name of Jacob’s favorite wife. Jacob was enticed by her father Laban to first marry her older sister Leah, but in exchange for seven Years of work allowed Laban Jacob to marry Rachel too.

What happens to Rachel’s baby at friends?

Also Ross’ parents and Rachel‘s mother babysi kill When Rachel‘s father suffers a heart attack, Ross stays with Rachel at her childhood home and Emma stays with his parents. When Rachel‘s father suffers a heart attack, Ross stays with Rachel at her childhood home and Emma stays with his parents.

How do you say Rachel in French?

How do you say Rachel in French? concerning? t?lrachel.

What does Racheal mean?

Racheal is a variant spelling of the traditional name Rachel, meaning little lamb. The name Rachel comes from the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament; comes from a Hebrew word meaning “ewe” or “little lamb”.

What does Rachel mean in Latin?

1) Latin spelling of Ραχηλ (Rachel), a Greek form from Hebrew ??? (Rachel) = ‘ewe‘, ‘female sheep’

How do you spell Raquel?

The correct spelling of the English word “Raquel” is [?_ˈa_k_w_?l], [ ?ˈakw?l], [?ˈakw?\\\\u200dl]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).