Is prime Minister Rutte right? Are we not giving a chance to Donald Trump?

I have lost my confidence in the (voting) humanity a little.This started in the spring of 2002 when the Netherlands massively decided to vote for a dooie. Then, among others, the UK (Brexit) and US (Trump) showed that this was not an incident, but a structural problem. And our southern neighbours who are doing years about forming a government….?

It is my impression that politics should stop navel gazing.People vote extremely if they are not taken seriously.
This has been very clear in Europe among the “workers” Parties in the Netherlands (PvdA) and UK (Labour) which are politically away-moved from the workers to the middle class.Because of their history, they have been able to hold the working class for a long time, but they are now no longer represented by these parties.

In The Netherlands, this resulted In the “liveable” movement, where the eventual Pim Fortuyn originated.The underlying dissatisfaction is not addressed by the politics after the death of Fortuyn, which offered an opening for Geert Wilders (PVV).
In the UK it has led to the emergence of UKIP, which as the largest motive has nationalism (and then especially the English and less Scottish/Wales-SE/Northern Irish nationalism).In the US, Trump was raised, initially because the Republican candidates did not receive sufficient support, then because Hillary Clinton has a huge image problem. Floating voters, without a clear party preference, are thus drawn to the Republican camp, the unknown, with the choice between a “known evil” (Hillary) and an “Unknown Evil” (Trump).

Do we have to give Trump a chance?
What I see is that Trump is a person I wouldn’t be friends with.There are too many negative messages around his person.
What I also see is that he can say unnuanced things, which a large group of people agrees with.As long as no other exhaust valve is found, people will vote for Trump or similar people.
For this reason it is good to give Trump “a chance”.He expresses aloud what others think. This was the case In the Netherlands 25 years ago, when Frits Bolkestein suddenly came out of the corner towards the integration problems of Moroccans. This problem has also been present for a long time, but has been pushed under the carpet by existing politics.

The emergence of people like Trump is not fine, but it is a clear signal that the existing politics fail in representing the (voting) inhabitants of the country.

How can we give Amsterdammers Trump a chance?I think Trump will not awake a minute about what we, white wine sipping liberal Amsterdammers, think about him and say. If Trump is suddenly standing next to me at the counter in an Amsterdam caf茅, I offer him something to drink.

Go there soon.

Trump has proven his whole life to be a first-class egoist, who doesn’t want a word of speech and wants to know anything about it except how he deserves it.

Why should we give that a chance, to begin with?

And to come to this after that man has been working for two years and has done little good and groomed very much is all ridiculous.

Pardon, we very much believe that we have a man in the White House who has made bullying in school worse, and especially in those areas where Trump is loved. Surely that is not a coincidence?!

No though, give a chance do you people who are worth that chance.Trump is not in that group.

Rutte is not good at his head.Trump violates every appointment there is, every appointment he makes, and has the impulse control of a toddler with ADHD.

He thinks to be able to reign by tweet.(without asking for a moment or not what he is calling). He is lying 15 times a day. What chance should you give someone.

I have read the article.I was disappointed in Mr. Rutte.

I have heard the same thing in my mother tongue.Of my “fellow Americans” I heard too often: why don’t you give a chance to Trump?

I did.The chance was the 2016 election. During that election, I was convinced that Trump was the worst possible choice for the American presidency.

Another chance?Yes, that was the last two years. Sentence then think it no longer that Trump is the worst possible choice; Now know for sure!

It is not just the so-called “Amsterdam Elite” who hates Trump.Also just people in Bilthoven and Den Dolder hate Trump.

Perhaps I would send our Prime minister a bottle of white wine.But he doesn’t get my vote likely.

NB: Before I became a Dutchman, I was an American.I have citizenship in two countries. And yes, my English is better than my Dutch.

I am assuming that Rutte has not followed the Republican primaries.

A small handle remarks (paraphrased):

-If you are rich, you can do everything with women.I Grab’m by the teen.

-Mexico is sending their worst, it sending drug dealers, it sending rapists.And Some I assume are good people.

-I have great respect for Putin and Kim Jong-Un.Macron is weak.

-Trump about the wildfires in California: The park organization are capable.They need the forest floor (yes, the forest floor. He doesn’t know how the ground is hot) raking just like in Finland (Finnish prime minister reacted by saying that this is nonsense)

-About John McCain: He is not a hero.I don’t like people who have been captured (John McCain was captured and tortured during the Vietnam war. When the VC wanted to release him, he refused, because he wanted to stay with his men)


And a few more things he did before the elections

-Cheating during the pregnancy of his previous wife

-Use Money for the Trump Foundation for scouting membership of his youngest son

-Trump Academy offered training courses for entrepreneurship, this was the afternoon course of a few thousand dollars.

-Trump uses his position as president to build hotels in Saudi Arabia and Russia

-Trump has probably cococked with the Russians to win the elections.This case is still ongoing, but several high ranking officials and lawyers have confessions.

-Even after acquittal he insisted that the. Central Park 5 (5 young African Americans suspected of the murder and rape of a white woman) would get life-long/the death penalty.Previously, he had bought the front page of the NY Times.

-He never gives a clear answer.When you watch out, you notice that he says 5x almost the same behind each other, but then just different enough to be captured in multiple ways.

-He threatened journalists during the elections during Rallies.

-When a journalist with a spastic arm asked him a question, he publicly made him ridiculous (not for his question, but for his disability)

-as owner of the Miss election, he walked the kleedlamer inside of the participants.There were also minors girls in between.

So, yes. I strongly wonder if Rutte has been paying attention.Why would you give someone the chance as president, if he is such a human being?

I will take the questions apart:

Are we not giving a chance to Donald Trump?

No, of some things you know when people are wrong.No matter who she proclaims. Trump’s attitude, but also his history indicate that he is an unfair and inaccurate person.

Is prime Minister Rutte right?

When it comes to the previous question, No.But it is not strange that he finds that, since he is VVD’er. Actually, the Orange of that party (where Wilders also originated from platinum blond hair, coincidence?) is not just the same as Trump’s hair. They are covertly also for closing boundaries and although they don’t say it, they often agree with Wilders. The only thing Wilders does to them worse is that he proclaims it openly.

So, no/Yes, Rutte is right, no/yes, I don’t give Trump a chance.There is already enough unfairness in the world to not also be a leader, who can (and probably will) take care of a World war, of a country over which I have nothing to say to support his statements and from a philosophy of life that I totally Opsta.

Every right to a chance has been forfeited by Trump long ago.This has nothing to do with elitarianism, and everything with moral awareness.

No.It’s not up to us to give Trump a chance. Moreover, Trump has long before his election show what kind of man he is. That is only confirmed after his election.

It is just Trump who has to give the world around him a chance.And that is not the case either.

Trump has to treat you as he treats everyone.Mercilessly from a position of strength. Do not admit, do not negotiate.

Trump never admits that he is wrong, he sees it as a sign of weakness.Anyone who does so is mercilessly downed, whether it is friend or foe.