Peter and the Wolf was written in 1936, subtitled “symphonic fairy tale” by the composer Sergei Prokofiev. Performed with a narrator, the musical work serves as an introduction to the orchestra’s instruments and as a basis for, among other things, a delightful ballet. The story takes place in the countryside of Europe around 1900.

Considering this, is Peter and the Wolf a fairy tale?

Peter and the Wolf (Russian: Пе´тя и волк , tr. “Pétya i volk”, IPA: [ˈpʲetʲ? i volk]) Op. 67, a “symphonic fairy tale for children”, is a musical composition written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936. The narrator tells a children’s story while the orchestra illustrates it.

Do you know what happens to the wolf in Peter and the Wolf?

The bird distracts the wolf by telling flies over his head while Peter lowers a noose and catches the wolf by its tail. Hunters then come out of the woods and shoot at the wolf, but Peter stops them. They all bring the wolf to the zoo and at the end you can hear the duck croaking in the wolf’s belly.

Besides, how long is Peter and the Wolf ballet?

This thanks to brand new Sets, costumes and choreography specially created for the Tulsa Ballet bring a magical performance to life on stage. With admission prices as low as $10 and a total running time of 45 minutes, this performance is a fun way to spend a morning enjoying and learning about ballet, music, and theater.

What animal gets through does the oboe represent? Peter and the Wolf?

The Duck: Oboe. The cat: clarinet. The wolf: french horn. Grandfather: bassoon.

Who told Peter and the Wolf?

Sergei Prokofiev

Is Peter and the Wolf a Disney film?<Peter and the Wolf (1946 film) Peter and the Wolf is a 1946 animated short film based on the 1936 musical composition/fairy tale by Sergei Prokofiev, produced by Walt Disney and narrated by Sterling Holloway. It was originally released theatrically as part of Make Mine Music

What is the music of Peter and the Wolf?

The music. Composer Sergei Prokofiev wrote the story and music of Peter and the Wolf to support orchestral lessons. The story consists of seven ‘characters’; each is represented by a theme played on a specific instrument or group of instruments.

What does a bassoon sound like?

Introduction. The bassoon’s double-reed gives it a rich, slightly buzzing quality in the lowest notes and a sweet, nasal sound higher up. Bassoons can be extremely expressive as solo instruments, and their warm vibrato makes them sound remarkably human, a bit like a resonant baritone.

What do different instruments symbolize?

The fiddle and other stringed instruments stand for cold, sadness, calm, sympathy, fragility and joy (e.g. Vivaldi’s “Spring”). A distorted guitar represents power, aggression and strength, while a “clean” electric guitar is used to symbolize fear and loneliness.

Who is the duck in Peter and the Wolf?

Peter and the Wolf Duck
The duck in “Peter and the Wolf”
One of three depicting the wolf in “Peter and the Wolf”

Who are the characters in Peter and the Wolf?


  • Peter (string quartet: violin, viola, cello and double bass)
  • Sascha (flute)
  • Sonia (oboe)
  • Ivan (clarinet)
  • Peter’s grandfather (bassoon)
  • Misha, Yasha and Vladimir (timpani)
  • Wolf (French horn)

What instrument does the grandfather play in Peter and the Wolf?

Signs and Instruments te
Peter Strings (violin, viola, string bass, cello)
Bird Flute
Cat Clarinet
Grandpa Bassoon

What is the story of Peter and the Wolf?

An animated retelling of Prokofiev’s suite. Peter is a frail boy, lonely, locked out of the woods by his protective grandfather, his only friend a duck. When a wolf threatens the duck – as does grandpa’s fat cat and a poorly flying bird that Peter has befriended – Peter bravely tries to dangle the wolf.

What does Peter and the wolf mean?

Peter and the Wolf in British English. (ˈpiːt?ʳ ?nd ð? w?lf) music. a composition by Sergei Prokofiev from 1936. It is a children’s story with music and lyrics, spoken by a narrator accompanied by the orchestra. Collins English Dictionary.

What is Sergei Prokofiev famous for?

The Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev was one of the giants of 20th century music. His works ranged from ballets – including Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet – to film music such as Lieutenant Kije and Alexander Nevsky.

What does an oboe sound like?

Clear, bright, penetrating, bitter , sharp, biting, scratchy, reedy, powerful, robust, full, haunting. The tonal quality of the oboe is very versatile, ranging from the thick notes in the low register to the thin and piercing high notes. The break between one register and the next is about a minor third.