Is Nexit really a popular idea for the Dutch?

It’s a bit very expensive.As Dutch people have been earning huge amounts of free traffic between countries, as traders, carriers, etc. The EU gave a tremendous boost. It is a gigantic money-generating machine, if you look at the whole society, and not just some aid-money flows that work as lubricating oil for that.

Fortunately, Brexit is an example of this, how not to do it.You can dream of it, until you see what it makes in your own wallet. Then you look left…. Plus It’s worth a lot of freedom. Putting fences around your country doesn’t really help.

Not to those who understand how the EU works and how important it is for the Netherlands.

The number of cases the EU regulates for the Netherlands is immense.Really unsusceptible immensely. Tens of thousands of pages very legal and very specific treaties determine the goings and sails of the Netherlands within the international community.

If the Netherlands were to leave the EU, all these matters must be reviewed.That task does not wish you the worst enemy. It is practically an impossible task. We are now also seeing this in Brexit.

Nexit seems to me especially popular with people who like to think black and white about politics.They see a handy scapegoat in the EU, or they find that certain things within the EU do not run quite well -in which I would give them the same thing -and then find that the Netherlands must completely step out of the EU, which is frankly ridiculous.

That being said, I do think that the frustrations that these people have must be tackled.Otherwise, we are giving populist politicians, such as Thierry Baudet, the opportunity to exploit this frustration for our own gain.


Figures from Parlometer from half a year ago: 2018.

Only in the Czech Republic and Italy would a majority be found.Yellow, green and blue countries are pro EU. Orange countries are on the seesaw.

It is popular with the PVV and FVD grassroots as those to a large extent consist of low educated angry males.

Rest of society seems to be more realistic and generally sees that Nexit brings more disadvantages than benefits.

Moreover, the idea of Nexit could become a lot less popular if MEPs were to look for more rapprochement with Dutch citizens.


I have never heard anyone wanting to go out of the EU. The idea of leaving the EU as a large common denominator of a population lives only in the minds of the right (extremists). And that is also logical: These people are looking for total power in a country, total dependency of a population on a leader and well, the EU is exactly the opposite of it. So they try to sow the idea that the EU, with all its shortcomings, is a great moloch of a bureaucratic dictatorship that impedes the freedom of individuals. The crazy thing is that it is shouted by those who, should they ever come to power in the end, will be the first to restrict, impede and even criminalise individual freedom. They cannot help-they are an ideology that does not like dissenting opinions. So that they are now screaming that the EU, left or godlike who will take them away from their freedom sounds, if you think well what those people are for, somewhat hilarious. But they are dangerous and should be combated where and when normally thinking people can.

NB: With “right (extremists) I mean those public figures who knowingly crank up that nonsense and try to whip people up for this idea.

Nexit is primarily a popular idea among people who:

  • Cannot count.
  • Have no money.
  • A combination of the above.

But some people also think that the euro has made everything more expensive, and desire back to the guilder.Strange. I do not wish to return to my golden pay slip.

Think not of the good-thinking Dutch, the Netherlands is for a very large part dependent on trade with foreign countries, the EU has made this very much easier.Export champion Nederland is trumps world trade -and not everyone is happy with it

How a part of poorly prestressed population, stirred up and played by populist politicians, looks at it, lets itself guess.

I hope that it does not come so far, see the misery that has caused the coming Brexit to the British economy see British economy getting wind through The British pound has already fallen into value by increasing inflation, Problem if one has debts in non UK currencies

FvD sees to the statistics that fewer and less Dutch people are pro-Nexit, and that is a reason for the party to be unclear about what they want, previously they were pretty positive about the Nexit.The PVV is just as hard to shout.

We are fairly sewn with the exchange rate and the huge price rises in the introduction of the Euro, but this is no longer turning back by pushing back guldens and closing the boundaries.I think it is an illusion.

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