Is meaning a better objective than happiness?

No, I find happiness a very good cause.

But we should think I don’t forget one thing.

We are not at all good at this. “Happiness” being part of your life is actually a novelty, a next stage in the development of humanity.It is a stage that we have been able to achieve because we have become better in prosperity and less worried about a roof over our heads and eating on the table. So it is really only very recent, and that means that we know very little about it yet.

And the consequence is that we actually don’t know well what “happiness” really is. It is certainly not “always happy.” And also not “just do things that make you happy.” Because then a lot of things would not happen again.The toilet cleaning is not a job that you will be happy with, right? Paying bills is also no lolletje.

So what is it?

I think happiness has combined a number of things, all of which must work together to achieve that point.

  1. You are happy with yourself;
  2. You take good care of yourself;
  3. You live consciously and responsibly;
  4. You are satisfied with your job and/or other life (hobbies, volunteer work etc);
  5. You have relationship (s) and/or friendships that you fulfill;
  6. You can accept setbacks.

According to me, if you follow these 6 points, then you have a happy life.

This question suggests that it is totally different things.Meaning is 1 of the things that leads to happiness. Sense of Meaning, love together, group feeling, challenge and nifts make us feel lucky. (There will still be others)

Happiness is more abstract than meaning and is easy to make SMART.This makes it feasible there, which in that way indeed a better goal to pursue than happiness.


If your goal would be happiness, then it is something that you only reached in the end.

Happiness is to a large extent a feeling or an attitude/mindset (rather than an emotion).
For example, if you are a bit stoic, a reasonable portion of self-acceptance or through meditation, mindfulness,… Possibly a bit supplemented with cognitive behavioral therapy or antidepressants.

Happiness also seems to me to be the same as Aristotle’s activity.

Goals, or projects have been concrete and can pursue you.That can give satisfaction.

But also an aimless life are better than to have the goal of happiness.

If you are happy, then you don’t have to have a goal per S茅?
A goal is also but occupational therapy in the end;-).

Meaning can also be for example.

I do not believe that “happiness” is or should be an aspiration, first of all we do not know so well what happiness is or how we should define it properly.And life is suffering.

Pain, is now part of life, and if you bet on happiness you will be thrown back at the first tragedy in your life and fall into a deeply terrible valley because your “happiness” has decreased.

On the other hand, the voluntary recognition of responsibility in different ways ensures that you HAVE TO go ahead, and the value that you will then BE able to put in front of the pain.

That does not mean that you should not take the time to dwell on what you have, which is extremely important.

And maybe, if you light up on your death bed and reflect on your life, you can say that you were already happy all the time.But you will not have missed anything because you were never so involved.

In other words: Happiness should not be a goal, happiness must be experienced.

In my view, I think you can better search for rest or find rest. I have viewed the link and the concept is not strange to me.I am a Buddhist myself, but continuing to do so is a distraction to prevent you from hearing your own thoughts.

I think that if you can confront your own thoughts and and can organize to some extent that you will find rest then. And with that comes what people describe as happiness. But luck constantly changes therefore people are constantly looking for the Changes with age with circumstances with incidents in the course of life. and is therefore always elusive it is in the West often quantified with money. It is certainly convenient to have money there not from but it does not depend on it.

The ability to be alone and not to be afraid of your own thoughts is a much greater good.Surely in the west it is often seen as an almost sinful thing. Anyone need phone calls should friends need to press why?

Yes, I think so.Meaning is the substance of happiness, I think. Batting for happiness would easily put me on sidetracks. I think I can’t always know in advance what will make me happy. Happiness is more of a side effect and often of things that you do not bring happiness directly.

For me that is happiness.Because that means everything. Because luckily you can’t be as ill-sidearm and with unsuccessful goals. So then you are happy with the opposite.

Happiness is a good objective, but we do define happiness is very important.

It is tempting to define as a condition of happiness that we find, for example, a nice partner or that we start a family or buy a house or buy a pet or buy a nice car or get that one promotion.However, it often depends on your financial situation or another that helps you. Such a definition of happiness makes you particularly dependent, you have no control over your own happiness in this way. Such a definition of happiness is often very superficial. Buying a nice car is not a lasting happiness. Meaning is already a piece of more abstract and often automatically puts the responsibility on yourself. That automatically makes it more manageable.

So the best objective is the most viable objective, because that gives satisfaction and direction and control.If that is happiness, then that is best, if that is meaning, then that is it.

No man who can be happy without purpose in life.It is condition number one.

That goal does not have to be important or useful.It can also be a goal to care for the neighbor’s dog every day.

Some people have the purpose of hurting others.They extract their feelings of happiness.

Others want to mean something for the community.

Want to be happy?Then determine a purpose in life.