Is Mark Rutte adequately in terms of MH17?

Yes.Adequately within the stipulated frameworks.

  • 2014. of course.

A number of things went wrong in 2014. London was already ready to throw Russia out of the SWIFT (International payment traffic), and waited only for Rutte. It knew better, and found that a very bad idea. There was a similar intertwining of Russian grey/black money (criminal money streams, corrupt officials) with the south axis that such an action was going to hurt very much (gas building etc). But that does not mean that nothing could be done. Rutte managed to maneuver in such a way that for Russian sanctions (for the annexation of the Crimea and the invading of eastern Ukraine) from Washington to Berlin one always looked first at The Hague. The SWIFT measure sounds heavy, but we had many more preparedness books that range from the freezing of Russian government funds in the Netherlands to the expulsion of Russians and their families that we know they also have in Moscow or St. Petersburg received another salary. For countries and cultures that possess a little developed self-image-like Russia-is weakness show of course not done. It was astonished that the Hague was not unpacked. However, that proved to be no sign of weakness, but the exact opposite: here is not the right of the strongest, but the law of the law and the frameworks of processes to follow. We could turn the Maskirovkagame before their eyes.

  • 2019. now there is a criminal process on the scaffolding, and there is never any deviation from the processes to follow.
  • And now the bill is going to be presented. Of course Russia will not deliver the suspects. And that is their good right. But it’s also not about whether Poppet X or Y appears before the court. This is about legal order, international order, to the victims, to the family, to 脫煤r as Dutch family. There is always such a thing as moral position, and that works out in many ways: do not litide or do not follow the process or take over their behaviour is a limit that we do not exceed. Exceeding such boundaries to keep playing instantly delivers reputational damage and undermining trust in your brand. Then others will deal with you, ask requirements, conditions, impose ever higher thresholds. Accounts are higher. Eventually you are even if one needs something from you a pariah that is never taken seriously for position or perspective but only as a raw material. An outpost for colonial wares. That is the account we present with our desire for processes and our respect for law and order to the Russians. And it is up to them whether they find that account too expensive (and perhaps, as they have done before, under the table to pay out damages to the survivors). If you want to be seen as a country, or pull those are hollanders away the curtain and see the rest of the world also that it is just a nutritional system for organized criminal parasitism that has institutionally nestled at every point and every corner That would allow the country and its people to simply have fun and good, make choices without scarcity, to build up without fear*, to distribute stable and resistant opportunities* * and create?

    Note *: This is what I call the Bulwarkmentality.Digging without seeding, because maybe something is rolling around tomorrow. “the Russian..” so the Polish projectonwinder beswore me, while he with his hands in his side, with the thumbs forward-as if a colonial administrator-to his Russian and Chinese workmen was watching “.. does not save. As soon as he gets paid, he’s gone. Contrast it to drinks and cigarettes and presents in his home village. Once the intoxication is over, and the money is back on, then he will only show up again. ” Unjustly, this Polish project-winder assigned This behavior to the popular nature.This is much deeper, and has to do with that property right in Russia is not as well protected as it is here in the West: So suddenly your landlord comes with an unreasonable increase in the rent, so your government grabs your savings all of a sudden. Then you can better throw your money over the bar as quickly as possible.

    Note * *: The aforementioned Bulwark mentality, of course, also take place at government level.Opportunities are not distributed over knowledge or skill, but about guilty or chantabel. Indebtedness to the Darughachi (The Mongolian tax inspector from the old Russia) is confused with personal loyalty.The higher you come on the official ladder, the more chantaber and more guilty you must be. “Oh..” A former Russian senior officer once whispered to me “.. If our governments do steal half less, and half work harder, we could all live as Scandinavians. Alas, and we could live as oil shalloks if our governments were to steal nothing, and work as efficiently as the Hollanders “.

    Let’s be realistic.Russia has a debt to support the seperatists in Ukraine. The rocket that MH17 has taken down has been delivered by the Russians to the place of the onheils.

    But… This was war zone.Previously, Ukraine’s military aircraft flew over the same airspace, the rocket was destined for it. It is very doubtful whether the person who actually fired the rocket knew it was a civilian plane. That he must stand for his deed is certainly the case. I will remain with the most important question:

    How could it happen that civilian flights were allowed above this area?The route over the Ukraine was cheaper than reflying, so it seems a tragedy that had prevented Kunen from being excluded from that route. After all, we are no longer flown.

    Will Malesia Airways be co-responsible or the authorities that have left civilian flights above a war zone simply to pass this disaster?

    I believe that civil debt has been raised here.

    Apart from this what could Rutte do even more?Putin/Russia is not going to deliver the data subjects. They are seen as patriots and there is Russia sensitive to it.

    In any case, the Netherlands has achieved European sanctions.Look at how England is now restoring its ties to Russia after the poison gas that they committed. A clear and proven Russich crime on British soil

    I have not heard that Rutte wants to normalise relations with the Russians, on the contrary, he will be in favour of maintaining sanctions.

    The Netherlands is a small country that can easily be ignored by the Russians, the only options are through the EU

    Rutte is a showman (a psychopath say some).His only real goal is to protect the interests of the business world as well as possible. This means tax reductions for companies, deregulation for business, privatization and of course the achievement of as small a government as possible. The rest is mainly playing engagement. He tries to do that as believable as possible, because it also gives you voices inside and you need to realise those real goals.

    Rutte will therefore secretly always think that this MH 17 affair may have as few detrimental effects as possible for business.That conflict then with Erdogan was also something like that. That was a good thing, because he could take the decisive lead. When he was re-elected and Erdogan, however, it was soon ‘ closer to each other ‘, the interests of the business community should not suffer too much.

    So no, MH 17 is a shining priority of our Prime Minister and he does not act adequately, because that harms the interests of the Dutch business world too much.He would rather let the case rest.

    Emotions veins you, who do not feel, because then you can no longer manage rationally.

    Any prime minister can also not do much more than facilitate.He can push the research, and that’s what Rutte is doing. Furthermore, you have to let the research team do their work. Here Rutte can do a little diplomatic fieldwork, which he also does again. The biggest obstruction is the Russian cooperation, and Rutte cannot do anything about it again.

    He can only do that if he knows deeper backgrounds.A theory that the JIT has never wanted to investigate (as far as I know) is that in the disappearance of MH380 and MH17 it could go the same device and what else is left behind. But even if the Russians would have done it really, which is not really convincingly proven but fits in with the anti-Putin hysteria that prevails in Europe, even then Russia will never deliver its own citizens to another and even somewhat hostile government Country. Are we not doing it either? Certainly not if in those other countries the punishments are strong (what they compared to NL are practically everywhere..).

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