ITV detective drama Lewis ends next week after a decade on the air. Lewis will come to an end after a two-part story that begins Tuesday and ends next week. Whately has played Lewis for 30 years – first on Inspector Morse, then on his own show starting in 2005 after the death of Morse actor John Thaw.

Similarly, people are asking if there will be a Lewis season 10 ?

Lewis: ITV/PBS Drama Ends With Season 9; No tenth season. Lewis, ITV’s long-running Morse code spin-off, is effectively being canceled after its ninth UK series.

Secondly, when did Lewis end? 10 November 2015

On that note, will there be more Lewis?

Fans of the ITV detective drama Lewis will be delighted to learn that the channel has commissioned a brand new series of gave the program. Production on the new series is scheduled to run through November this year, with the series expected to air next year.

How did Inspector Lewis end?

And “Inspector Lewis” doesn’t end with the camera on Lewis, but with a scene that suggests the producers are hoping to squeeze another 33 episodes out of Hathaway. That would end around 2031, when series will be beamed straight into our brains and shows as defiantly old-fashioned as this will be gone.

Does Kevin Whately still act?

Kevin Whately (born February 6, 1951) is an English actor.

Kevin Whately
Profession Actor
Years active since 1979
Television Inspector Morse Lewis
Spouse(s) Madelaine Newton ( m. 1984)

Has Inspector Lewis Cancelled?

The ITV detective drama Lewis ends next week after a decade on the air. Lewis will come to an end after a two-part story that begins Tuesday and ends next week. Whately has played Lewis for 30 years – first in Inspector Morse, then in his own show starting in 2005 after the death of Morse actor John Thaw.

Will Hathaway have his own series?

Inspector Lewis got his own series, raising the possibility that his own partner, Detective Inspector James Hathaway (formerly Detective Sergeant) – played by Laurence Fox (pictured left) – would now get his own spin-off.

What happened to George Fancy?

In last year’s finale, George Fancy died in the crossfire during a war between rival gangs. George was shot and killed three times in a pool hall by Eddie Nero (Phil Daniels). He died in the pool hall almost immediately after receiving the gunshot wounds.

What lies behind the confused cast?

Cast & Crew

  • DI Robert Lewis Kevin Whately.

  • DI Hathaway Laurence Fox.
  • Dr. Laura Hobson Clare Holman.
  • Ch Supt Moody Steve Toussaint.
  • DS Lizzie Maddox Angela Griffin.
  • Andrew Dimmock Peter De Jersey.
  • Sarah Alderwood Mali Harries.
  • David Capstone Oliver Lansley.
  • Did Inspector Morse marry Joan Thursday?

    Her father, Detective Inspector Frederick Thursday (Roger Allam), found her hiding with a married man in the final episode of season four, to his horror. However, with that relationship also in tatters, Joan could find herself back with Endeavor this season if she decides to return to Oxford.

    Is there another series of Endeavor planned?

    Endeavour Season 7: Everything We Know Right Now. Endeavor starring Shaun Evans will return to Masterpiece on PBS in 2020.

    Will there be a Hathaway series after Lewis?

    It’s no exaggeration to say that Hathaway has become even more beloved in “Lewis” as Robbie in “Morse“. Fans wouldn’t be heartbroken if the ending of Lewis was followed by a series called Hathaway, but at this point they’ll have to settle for the very worthy prequel Endeavor on PBS.

    Marries Inspector Lewis Laura?

    Although Hobson is young and gets on well with Morse, she is not a woman like Dr. Russell is drawn to Morse‘s charms. She also gets along well with Lewis, but until Lewis‘s own series based on Inspector Morse there is no romantic bond between them, mainly because Lewis was still married at the time.

    How much was John Thaw worth?

    John Thaw Net worth and Salary: John Thaw is a television actor who has a net worth of $1.9 million. John Thaw was born on January 3, 1942.

    Are Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox friends?

    Lewis stars Laurence Fox and Kevin Whately got back together last night. The couple may have had a somewhat frosty relationship as DS James Hathaway and DI Robert Lewis on screen. But aside from the hit ITV series, it looks like the two really are best friends.

    Who is Kevin Whately married to?

    Madelaine Newton m. 1984

    What happened to Thursday’s daughter in Endeavor?

    In the dramatic finale of season three, Endeavor was saved safely from a bank robbery along with Joan (Sara Vickers), the daughter, by Endeavor’s boss, DI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam). But Joan, traumatized, then fled Oxford. Fred was bereft – and Endeavor, still unable to express his crush on her, was heartbroken.

    What happened to Inspector Lewis’ wife?

    His Frau appears only once in the TV series, in an episode called Greeks Bearing Gifts, where they are seen together at a restaurant. She is later killed in a hit-and-run accident, five years after the death of Morse himself.

    What lies tangled synopsis?

    S8 E3: What Lies Tangled. When an eminent mathematician is killed in a bomb blast, Lewis and Hathaway quickly discover that the victim was a notorious womanizer with many enemies. When a bomb is discovered in the home of the victim’s brother, also a mathematician, the case takes a different turn.

    Who killed Inspector Lewis’ wife?

    Kevin Whately returned to television in 2006 as Inspector Lewis in a series of the same name, set five years after Morse‘s death. We learned that Lewis‘ wife died in a hit-and-run accident in the years between the two shows.

    Where is Lewis filmed in Oxford?

    Most of the series is filmed filmed in and around Oxford. Some scenes were also filmed at Brunel University and parts of Ealing.