Is it true that women are better at multitasking than men?

My mom gets spanned directly as I ask her unexpectedly something while she’s at home lapping the windows.

My wife, on the other hand, can change the diaper of our youngest son, while composing a grocery list and simultaneously scraping against my eldest son, my mother-in-law and I.

My wife and my mother are both at the other end of a spectrum,

and are reasonably representative of what I see around me.

I don’t think women are better than men in multitask.

My wife is better than me,-a man-, in multitask,

But that says nothing,

Because even my mother is better at multitasking than I do.

As an exception, I fall just outside the spectrum.

But I am fortunate not representative of all men.

On that same spectrum, I can put many male colleagues with an equally large dispersion.

So this contest remains undecided in my opinion.

They can look less good teevee and drink beer at the same time.

Everyone keeps on hanging in that multitasking but no one seems to wonder what this does with the quality of the multiple tasks.Research has shown that multitask drastically reduced the quality of the task performed when you had to divide your attention. You can run it both, but you do it longer and make mistakes sooner than when you focus on one thing.

According to this article: who can multitask the best?Man or woman? There is no evidence that women can multitask better, or worse,.In particular, I read in that article that the methods of research and the size of the test group are not well chosen. In particular, the study with the numerical sequences seems to me more like a test on focus (although it is on four things at the same time) while other tests are more focused on the simultaneous execution of very diverse and sometimes also unexpected tasks.

Many of the traits of man stem from evolution.Properties that help to survive are passing. Properties that are not useful are dying out. How we are now is shaped by how our ancestors survived in the ODST.

Men were the hunters at the time.Now I myself have never tried to kill a saber tooth tiger with a stone axe but I can imagine that such a thing works better if you are able to fully focus and not be distracted there thoughts to the drawing that Marietje this morning on the wall of the cave Which you are now having no possibility of getting more clean.

Women had other tasks: collecting fruit and feeding the children.And the families were often bigger than now. When Jantje is bullying the neighbor’s daughter, Eefje for the first time in the river Bathes, Klaasje with his catapult plays and marietje of mud and dye is creating a new kind of wall paint, while also still the yesterday by Henk Mastodon caught In a stew is to yarn and you urgently want to pick some fresh herbs, then it is fine if you are able to divide your attention. Okay, nothing has total focus so maybe the mastodon just get too overcooked because you saw too late that Marietje was complaining about your walls, but if Eefje is going under you will be on time and you can also just avoid that klaasje someone shoots an eye.

In other words, there is biological reason why I expect men, on average, to be better at focusing on one task by closing anything outside.And that women, on average, are better at keeping an eye on several things at once, but with less focus. Only the scientific research does not support my expectation. Or i haven’t searched well enough for what more research has been done, of course it can.

No one can really multitask, even a computer can’t do that.You quickly switch between two tasks all the time, making it look as if you are multitasking but you are constantly switching between those 2 tasks.

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