Is it true that the so-called ‘ pool terror ‘ is mainly perpetrated by Moroccan teenagers or is this racist propaganda? What are the facts, regardless of political correctness or political purposes?

Here is my opinion on this subject.

The ZGN.”Moroccan” teenagers are Flemish or Dutch young men whose parents or grandparents from Morocco have come to Europe as the then ‘ guest worker ‘.
These people have brought their Moroccan (in reality Berber) culture to here and as a result, boys, unlike girls, are brought up as princes.While girls are being kept busy with school and household chores, boys are allowed to do what they want. They are rarely repriscolated.
Boys are allowed to play outdoors, while girls have to stay in the sea and only be allowed to go outdoors under supervision.

In Western culture, that strict control of the going and standing of girls does not exist.They may, like boys, just be outdoors.
‘ Moroccan ‘ parents (usually born here!) feel uncomfortable here and make their children wise that local girls have loose manners (otherwise they would not just go on the path).

Of course, ‘ Moroccan ‘ teenagers want to entertain themselves, like all teenagers, during the holidays.The problem is that only the male teenagers can be out of the house.
Like all young men they are attracted girls of their age.The girls from their acquaintances are unreachable and so they go to places where there are girls (and still scarce dressed): swimming pools.

Because for some reason they usually go into group the macho content is very high.Moreover, it is often enough to call the magic word “racism” in every attempt to criticize their behaviour, which makes them feel elevated above the law.

The combination of all these things with the idea that Western girls have loose manners, it gives the behavior that we see.

It is not racism, it is simply a reality that the Moroccan community must urgently work on.

I don’t know any figures on this subject, so an exact, factual answer I can’t give you.I remember the time you, on a single Surinamer after, only saw White Dutchmen in the pools and also there was always a clutthing shot guys, stunting at the slide, coarse in the mouth and noisy. I stayed far away. I saw that they were regularly harassing girls, but the lifeguards kept them nice.

This same phenomenon is now also shown in the swimming pools.Only in Anno 2019 smaller groups of indigenous Dutch people belong to the social subclass. Characteristic of the behavior of boys from a social subclass, at least what I know from Western Europe, is a more demeanor affect control and coupled with greater impulsiveness.

Exactly the same thing you see happening now at the new groups that have taken the places at the bottom, only in greater measure because of their origins from areas where women never walk in such swimwear.Within their own circle, social control functions, so a Moroccan girl who is dressed conservatively gets respect.

A headless Western girl in bikini, which is not very bright, however, is seen as an easy prey, especially if one is attracted by a group, especially now over the decades pool surveillance has eased and lifeguards are afraid of The word racist.

The consequences are well guess and that is also the unfortunately many incidents that the press is reaching.I fear that it is true that most of the attacks in the Dutch swimming pools are now being committed by groups of young Moroccans. That is something I have also seen from recent figures. I don’t have a strong memory for that, so the numbers and percentages are mine. It is wrong, the other side to look out and pretend this problem does not exist.

The problem exists in all prosperous Western countries where a generation of boys from Islamic descent grows up.I have not yet seen any effective approach, even in the countries surrounding us.

Is It signalling this racist?I don’t think so, because Moroccan is not a breed but a nationality. Is it Islamophobic? Nor, because even though there is a link between a patriarchal education and the beset of vulnerable women, that behavior is not exclusively Islamic. There are also women-friendly versions of Islam, such as Alevism and Sufism.

Is it an anti-Moroccan point of view?Nor. The beautiful Morocco is becoming more modern. Higher educated women enjoy increasingly western freedoms in Morocco and can be unhindered by a headscarf over the street. Our immigrants and their descendants originate predominantly from the Moroccan countryside, which is very conservative. And this is where the problems arise in the construction.

Resuming: My position is not racist, not Islamophobic and also not anti-Moroccan.It is called anti-patriarchal and anti-macho.

Sorry, C茅line, no idea.I do not know how the current situation deviates from the situation earlier in the swimming pools. From my own experience, I know that at the time, much stricter was maintained, to the far-off, and the whole society was normever. You were not allowed to do this, and you were not that, and children (always nasty Boys of course) were bad and especially had to be punished very much and hard. Now society as a whole is less “repressive”. But in that past time there were hardly any Moroccan youngsters, even in swimming pools. And now it does. So there may be a correlation (concomitant phenomena), but without causally (causal) connection. But again: it is a statistical answer, it is not my profession and I am not sure.

No personal experience, a swimming pool is the last place you will find me.

Well yes they get at least as Clutters becoming the newspaper.And that’s not a good sign. We throw there swimming pools for close. Sad. Or is it terreurig? They really know that what they are doing is not supposed to.

Without being able to underpin this with facts and figures, I think it does not exclude the other.There will be Moroccan teenagers who misbehave, there will also be indigenous Dutch teenagers who misbehave…

Populist groups will magnify it to make their point and look away at the other because it does not contribute to the vision they want to convey.(Political agenda)

On the other hand, it is difficult to pronounce confrontational matters about minorities, even when how is based on facts, for fear of being politically improperly made… or worse; For racist 鈧?娄

Personally, I have a preference for plain language, with a factual substantiation of the alleged.So I can’t make statements about pool terror, simply because I don’t have the relevant fact 鈧?娄

If other teenagers or older ones are causing “pool terror”,

Is this recorded and statistically recorded?

If you can objectively assess these statistical data,

Only then can you costantate whether it is a fact or propaganda.

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