Is it true that snakes have no attachment to their owners and attack them if they feel like it?

As these are two separate questions, I will answer them separately.

Do snakes have no connection to their owners?Well, that depends on what you mean by “binding.” Snakes have no friends and do not have any relationships with friends. Their care for their boys is limited and short, if any. So they don’t feel emotional affection for each other (or anything else). However, they get used to the things and beings around them and register them as safe and normal. Things that disrupt the normal state can be troubling for a snake. Snakes are happy when things are familiar and normal. Thus, snakes can be very satisfied with the presence of their owner and nervous in their absence or near new people.

The next question is, will snakes attack their owner whenever they feel like it?Well, yes. Every animal will attack anyone or anything whenever it feels like it. Even people will. The real question is: WILL YOU HAVE LUST DAZU?

It depends on the individual snake and how it is used to dealing with it.Snakes all have different personalities, just like any other animal with a brain. Some snakes are nervous and defensive and probably bite when they feel uncomfortable. Some snakes are calm and docile and never strike defensively for the rest of their lives. If you know your pet’s temperament, you can consider how it’s likely to respond. Snakes generally telegraph their mood with their body language when you pay attention. You can tell if they are calm or nervous.

Snakes, however, only attack their food. They can go for things that scare them, but they don’t technically attack them. So a typical snake will never ATTACK its owner.It will only force them into self-defense if it gets scared.

Of course, the owners sometimes get bites for other reasons – even less than an attack or as a defensive reaction.These are accidents. Many snakes have relatively poor vision and navigate their world with their sense of smell and heat receptors. This is how they see what lies ahead. When an owner handles the snake’s food (mice, rats, etc.) and forgets to wash his hands, the snake can feel a warm, mouse-smelling thing in front of him and WHAM! – The owner’s hand is bitten by an enthusiastic snake that gets stuck and tries to devour the “prey”.

Oops.Not the fault of the snake. Completely the fault of the owner and easily prevented. Most cases where a giant royal boa killed its owner are due to this error. The snake expected to be fed, and confused what was in front of it. Of course, the snake can’t eat humans and doesn’t even try it. It never wanted to try. It was all just a case of mistaken identity.

(Never try to work with a king boa over 1.80 m long without another person present to help with accidents.)

All in all, any animal can bite with a mouth and will probably do it at some point – including dogs and cats.Even the most docile snake might one day be frightened or upset and bite. People who own animals must reckon with this danger.

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