Is it true that smart people are often more unfortunate than those with lower IQ?

I expect that the answer is in the middle.Literally. The distribution of IQ over the population is a normal distribution. The large majority of the people sit around ‘ n IQ of 100.

If you then assume that agreement in IQ does not generally mean that one understands each other better, and if you assume that a larger social network generally contributes to happiness in life, then it is reasonable to be able to And that statistically speaking people with ‘ N IQ of 100 will be the happiest.

It does not seem to me that ignorance is a victory. In my opinion, ‘ r ‘ are quite a few lvb’ers (IQ below 80) who feel that they cannot turn around and that they are out of play.Powerlessness makes stress, stress makes bad choices, etc.

But well, IQ is not everything that determines happiness.If you do your best to be a fine person and you get yourself among the people, you will receive that social network that you can be happy with.

IQ is a model from baseless theory and research.

Charles Darwin was the one who revolutioned the world with the theory of evolution.He claimed that characteristics were transferable. This proposition has been falcified in certain aspects.

  • Experiments were carried out on mice, where they cut the tail and watched whether this characteristic would be transferred to offspring.

But from mouse after mouse, offspring are simply holding their tails.

  • We also vaccinate our children against viruses again and again.
  • Without the imuum system being transferred to our offspring.

    The theory of adaptive mutations claimed that mutations occur in specific environments.This theory is contrary to the Neodarwinian thought with the focus on accidental changes in heredity based on natural selection.

    DNA does not always adapt through generations but by environment.

    However, Charles Darwin convinced his cousin (Francis Galton) about the notion that characteristics were transferable.Such as mental abilities. With the conviction over eugenics, Francis Galton was the first to test intelligence from 1860 to 1890. Despite DNA is not the cause of what we think and how we act. Nevertheless, he came up with tests that would measure a person’s inherited ‘ brain power ‘. But did not even have a theory about intelligence to be able to base his work on it.

    Most personality and skill tests are very unsubstantiated.With little research and science but born from prejudices, tradition and conviction. Because most of the subjects we adopt today as science, were formerly a philosophy. Well we use advanced equipment such as MRI scans and Eegs. In the past, psychology was still a philosophy without these devices.

    If we look at IQ tests you may notice that they consist of questions like this;

    Water pipes break through ice because:

    • A.

    Ice stops the flow of water.

  • B.
  • Ice shrinks.

  • C.
  • Ice makes the pipes fragile.

    Questions such as these are questions from knowledge, schooling and general life experience.Not intelligence.

    Everyone can be intelligent and apply his intelligence in many different unique ways.Everyone therefore has a unique knowledge. Because everyone has a unique schooling and life experience.

    In this case, I apply the question briefly; Is it true that over-thinkers are often unhappier towards people who are ignorant?

    Yes, as a recognizable quote also states; ignorance is bliss!By ignorance you are less aware of evil around you.

    We first take information through the eyes.This information goes to the thalamus and then the amygdala. The amygdala is the emotional part of our brain. Finally, the information goes to the neocortex. This is where the rational portion of our brain settles. This means that our emotions prevail over rationality!

    By exam fear you are going to make mistakes.Therefore, Emotional intelligence is more important THAN the SAT test.The SAT test looks very much like an IQ test and, according to the examiners, should predict how the student will perform at school. Still this test is inconsistent because you are tested for knowledge. Emotional intelligence is therefore a much more adequate predictor for achievement.

    It’s a bit tricky to understand; If you are not stressed, you are going to think better.But as soon as you go too much after thinking until you are stressed, you are going to make mistakes.

    There is this quote that includes this idea nicely;

    How blameless is the happy Vestal’s destiny!

    The world forgetting, the world forgot. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned.

    The coaching

    I think that early-age education plays a crucial role.To what extent do parents, school and other escorts react adequately to the individual traits of children’s additional needs? In our generalizing way of schooling, education and living together, many are outside the boat because they are unable to function optimally because they have not learned enough to react flexibly and integrate socially.

    Higher intelligent can then give problems, just as fairly low.But then you can also think of sensitivity, certain handicaps, language and background. This requires more empathy and anticipation of escorts, which is unfortunately not always available or deemed necessary. All in all, you cannot say that certain intelligence in itself leads to reduced wellbeing, but that the risk is greater by other factors.

    No, without storing the scientific literature on it.For the Porcela I suppose that IQ tests are improved nowadays so that knowledge questions are out there that it is VRAGEB testing the intelligence. This is mainly due to the testing of logical reasoning and pattern recognition.

    And these skills in collaboration of emotional intelligence, in my opinion, ensure that one can recognize more insight into his own patterns and be able to think about it rationally.

    For the ruling that ignorance would be a blessing does not pass the logic.

    If you are unable to understand what you can do to change your living conditions, you will also feel powerfully and therefore not happy.

    Along the other hand, things don’t think about being healthy.So it is a question of balance.

    I have often felt uneasy because I saw what went wrong with me (and the world) but did not have the experience and skills to do something with it.

    It is by learning more insight and methods, in which also wisdom, mildness and compassion were given a place, that I learned to take care of my happiness.

    So intelligence can help to be happy but that path leads anyway through suffering.It is the stress of suffering that puts people to change.

    So yes, suffering has an essential function in our lives.So it is not smart to continue trying to dodge the suffering by walking away from it.

    It is by accepting feelings and rationally going with it to be happier.

    Of course every bird sings as he is known, so every one of his luck will see it differently.

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