Is It true that Freemasons, royal families and other people from high classes (business people and celebrities) participate in Satanic, mystical rituals, where baby sacrifices are made and that they retain their power?

Lol, No.You have listened too much to 18th century Christian propaganda and Nazi propaganda.

Freemasons are degoistic Christians who have a philosophy club with a somewhat eccentric clothing choice and a ceremonial degen.

Since they had been hunted for most of the history as pagans, landtraitors and even more terrible and executed for this, it seems to me very strongly that heads of state who did this were part of this marginalised Group.

These are 9 questions at a time.

At 6 I can’t answer because I’m not part of it:
-Royal families-satanic
-Royal families-mysticism
-Royal families-baby offerings
-Higher classes-satanic
-Higher classes-mysticism
-Higher classes-baby offerings
I suppose, however, that the answer is “no” each time. As far as I know, ‘ royal families ‘ and ‘ higher classes ‘ do not have any of these three things as a group.
As far as I know there is no one at this time in the world that is doing baby sacrifices, assuming this is just too ridiculous for words.
Presumably most members of royal families are not Satanists, as they are generally quite religious.Among the higher classes may be individuals who identify themselves as Satanist, but that is a personal choice.

Than the 3 that I can answer:
-Masonic-Satanic: Not as an organization, and so far I have not encountered any Freemason in 6 countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Engelandm Denmark, USA) that says to be Satanist.Read the full life course of Leo Taxil, and realize that he has sucked everything out of his thumb to make the Catholic Church ridiculous.
-Freemasonry-Mysticism: to a certain extent, it depends on what your exact definition of mysticism is.
-Freemasonry-Baby sacrifices: As mentioned above there is no one in the world who does this.


Is the Earth flat?Have residents of Atlantis built the pyramids of Giza? Is there a base of extraterrestrials on the back of the moon? Or on the front? Why are we hiding that we never landed on the moon?

Youtube is full of such nonsense, secreted by people who are either stacking crazy, or so stupid that they have to pull their shoes out to count up to 20.


And do you really think you could find an answer to QUORA?

Simple answer: No

But what is your question now?

Plain nonsense.Would Mr POTUS Trump also bring baby sacrifices to keep his power? Or Mr. N. Maduro of Venezuela?

This (short) video says enough:

This (short) video says enough:

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