Is it theoretically possible that everyone becomes a self-employed/entrepreneur in the Netherlands? If so, who will be the employees in such a scenario? In other words, how is the balance between the number of entrepreneurs and employees in the economy maintained?

> How is the balance between the number of entrepreneurs and employees in the economy maintained?

Why should that balance be?

You get principals and contractors.The legal structure is different, but the idea remains the same.

Incidentally, I think it would be a very bad construction, because you would lose the legal dismissal protection.You already see this in the construction. Instead of employment, many people who are told in the construction works, that they have to report to the Chamber of Commerce and have to register as entrepreneurs, then their former employer hires them as an ‘ entrepreneur ‘.

In other words, not the lusts, but the burdens of entrepreneurship.

So yes, it is possible.No, I do not think it desirable.

In practice This is really not possible.I understand the question, but to find an answer to this, there should be a kind of theoretical model, by very clever people. But you have to deal with different industries and as someone said, this is in construction to do. In the transport it becomes more difficult and in the rest of the industries it is practically impossible.

I also think that if everyone is a self-employed or entrepreneur, only the companies with a great ability to keep the head above water.

Anyway, the balance in the economy is gone.A self-employed one day does not have money. His free or sick days are not paid through. He also gets to deal with other taxes, a lot of people suddenly have to deal with bookkeeping and accountants and everyone will have to go to work for other prizes. Everyone you see is self-employed/entrepreneur and therefore a competitor. There is only 1 person below the prices of the other to sit down and there is a chance of the snowball effect.

In addition, there are also rules in the law and things are fixed in a Cao for a certain industry, that this theory can not be simply.A shop clerk of the Kruitvat, can not just go to the Chamber of Commerce and say, I want to rent myself as an zzp to the Kruitvat. Legally, these are really obstacles. Also for the powder keg itself.

The balance comes from market operation.

In a free economy, every employee can choose to try his luck as an entrepreneur and every entrepreneur can sell or close his company to search for a job.There are always people switching and the distribution remains the same as the currents in both directions are the same size. Important factors in the choice to switch are income and work experience. If many entrepreneurs earn good in a pleasant way, then more employees start for themselves. However, increasing competition among entrepreneurs makes success more difficult. If employees have a relatively carefree and comfortable existence, then many entrepreneurs will leave the stress of entrepreneurship behind them. However, competition for jobs makes it harder to find and keep a job that is paid reasonably. This keeps the market in balance.

There used to be a kind of pressure to make everyone entrepreneur, as if that is always the best choice for everyone. The ideologists could force everyone into entrepreneurship if they came to power.The latter will not happen for the time being.

The question is a contradiction: if everyone is ‘ there, then there are no employees anymore so what balance should there be?

I think that in the coming years more and more people will choose entrepreneurship but not every function is suitable for that!And also not every employee can/will handle entrepreneurship. So I suspect that there will always be people who choose to pay service.

‘, ‘ I think theoretically it is possible. Everyone is a self-employed or entrepreneur, so an entrepreneur hires self-employed Professionals. But it can only be for a maximum number of hours.So the self-employed are the employees. But according to the self-Employed model. But the Freelancers have to hire other Freelancers for their not so strong sides, so many self-employed professionals will have to hire an administrator for their administration. A self-Employed for their invoices and collect the invoices. And the Freelancers will be the employees of the future, so still apply or register with a mediator. These mediators will generally be real self-employed, so work for other Freelancers and entrepreneurs. But quite varying working hours. The balance will be retained by the fact that there is a basic income or a government that complements the income for the bottom of the labour market. And some self-Employed Professionals will do chores for the government. Yes there is everyone, so of any age. And many parents and children will work for the government or in family businesses. Fortunately, he is theoretical, because you can not ask of someone who can not work because of illness or age to be self-employed or entrepreneur.

“,” There is no need to be a ‘ balance ‘.What we always called employees, who are people like ZZP-there is much more flexible employable.If they can get the certainty of a job, the entrepreneurs can work much more flexibly. All former employees think more entrepreneurial, if they have the collateral of the past. About.

So employees/ZZP-ers have certainties of existence and entrepreneurs super flexibility, so they can be easier and dare to undertake.

This creates much more economic value in society than before.You do not have to wait, it has been working for years, and that side is going to be much more prepared. And it’s also more fun!