Is it sustainable in the long term to have a platonic relationship?

I know people who are very happy with that.They have been living together for 25 years and are caring for each other, kibble daily and have a nice life. Covetousness is not there, but they cannot do without each other. How amazing I find It, It takes 2 to tango.

I have had a platonic relationship with a lot of people for a long time and that goes very nicely.With one person I have a non-platonic relationship and we are both attached to it.

The ‘ unconsumated marriage ‘ (yes, 2 M-en), which is a marriage without sex, occurs but is exceptional; Descriptions indicate that this can be to the satisfaction of the partners.Not everyone needs sex, or the need to express this. But for the vast majority of people, the sexual drift is present and they are looking for an appearance. The standard form in which you give a two-way expression (after, in our society, a practice time on your own) is by far the most common form throughout history. It is one of the possible expressions of intimacy and/or affection and also one of the ways to get to know each other ‘ outside the words ‘.

A platonic relationship seems feasible to me though it does require that both have a huge low or absent sex drive.But again: the sexual drift is ingrained in every human being and every man has to relate to it. A ‘ total absence ‘ of the sex drive does not actually occur. However, due to an accident or illness, the possibility of having sex may have become so limited that people perceive it; Traumata, very severe shame feelings or anxiety can also have reasons to refrain from it.

Aside: Plato snails pap from it.It is unclear why he has become name giver of this relationship form.

Yes.With most of my friends and girlfriends, and also with all my family members I have that, and with some also for a long time.

I believe that the Questionstell (ST) assumes that a platonic relationship is actually a sexual relationship with no sex.

But it is not.

A sexual relationship without sex is called: desperate and unilateral-and untenable, because based on a lie.

With a platonic relationship is meant a love affair without sexual component.So a relationship where you love someone but don’t consume it. Set both in the relationship are asexually, so neither feel these kind of feelings, seems to me that can work fine. If this Is not the case and one experiences sexual feelings, it will be very difficult to suppress it unless this can be solved in a different way, ehem….

After some doubt I say: No.Certainly not in the long term. Often, one of the two still develops more feelings and then it becomes a painful thing.

Actually, it is also a bit of a strange fact: to enter into a ‘ platonic relationship ‘.Because that means that you find each other nice enough to pull together and have sex, but not fun enough to engage in a real relationship, where more fragility and so intimacy comes to mind. Perhaps you could call it a result of binding fear. Or at least the fear Of being hurt.

Experiencing real love with all the fragility and intimacy that comes with it is very risky.If you completely open yourself to another, expose your heart completely, then there is the chance that the other will abuse it or hurt you. But that belongs (unfortunately). Without it no real draught, no deeper tire or connection.

My personal experience is also that a platonic relationship (certainly in the long term) does not work.A short platonic relationship could call you the exploration phase, where possible a deeper relationship originates, or where you go apart after a while. Entering into a platonic relationship from the beginning (with that intention) is actually in my opinion enjoying the benefits of someone, without taking responsibility for it. In heavier terms, I even call it: use someone.

It is also very important that you discuss and open together with each other how you see the relationship and what you expect.Love cannot be sent, but if you are not looking for love, then you can be better honest about it. If you only seek someone for the companionship and the sex, then at least be clear. Then you give the other one the chance to make a decision whether he/she is satisfied with it or who wants to go on for a while.

After several experiences I have been better at listening to my intuition.I think that if there really is love, that is going to turn out clearly. Then a partner will not linger too long in the phase: We will see. Then he/she does not start: So is it good anyway? Why make it official? That is simply freedom to retain happiness. Everyone is right, but I know the consequences. And in addition, I’m not so together. It is in my opinion another way to say: I like you ‘ for the time being ‘, but not more. Do you take pleasure in that?

Yes, that is certainly to be done.It is perfectly about what you expect from this relationship. If you would also like to have sexual acts with that particular partner, please take. Then it’s not going to work.

It is not up to the partner, but to your expectations.Platonic means that there is no carnal community to look at, so you have to find another partner for it.

Hmmmmmm I’m not the best example I have had some girlfriends just platonic but that was because I had nothing to do with it.I am very much of the heck we can just mess up even though we are friends. I mean for me sex is important on the one hand because I just need it but that doesn’t really fascinate me with who I do when I find it attractive and it sounds between the sheets why not. I did notice that the relationship between man and woman is friendly and complicated because very often the man would like to mess with the lady but the lady doesn’t want it and they still stick with it maybe there is something of a little bit in it that it could be bitten ren. Also very often have to laugh of sweed you see that not yes but he is a friend I already have a super long embrace. Usually after some questions the monkey comes out of the sleeve and I get right anyway. Find the ladies me again in common. Damn Tom had left that well alone. Can be with me only if I know them for a long time or they are the ladies of Friends of me or are ladies with children. I’m 27 now I may still be fooling so why shouldn’t I. I’m not that a fan of friendship, because it has always been a piece of women and men. If I am very blunt when there is no chance that I will end up in bed or something wiser of word why there is an effort to take the time when it is a temporary thing. Maybe it’s me mindset but if everything is temporary people end up hurting each other anyway and I’ve been looking forward to touching them. Yes I am autistic yes I am a little contact disturbed will be fine or not we do see

Yes there are now and in the past even more millions of people who do this worldwide all their life long.

I also always thought that Platonic love meant to keep someone at a distance.Almost desperate but I never linked anything negative with it. Now I know that that is love where there is no intimacy. I have read some here but I do not see that my parents are dealing with this. In our language Platonic love does not, therefore, mean love that in general the mystery and care of and with another can be experienced. I think so. Can I think look around and see the people surrounding you who almost admire you. That are completely away from you. That could already be a mini version of the Platonic relationship. But in the real thing I know without thinking about it, people who cannot be intimate with each other because of misfortune. And they stay together. Then suddenly it becomes platonic that I don’t know. But I read somewhere recently something of “There are too many people together and not in love and too many not together yet in love” if the reverse can do that then also think so.

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