Is It strange that I want to contact with an old love again?

Would it be nice later OLE Dibbes you’re going to be no fuck wiser.Let loose new love search

In the loss, our compensation urge can occur, a mechanism that seeks a substitute for what or who we lose, to alleviate the suffering.That happens after a relationship break often also, sometimes even in a laborious relationship.

Compensation is done in multiple ways.We find a new sweetheart, a rebound, to experience the infatuation again, to get the familiar, pleasant familiar, rather than a laborious processing and pain. But that can also be something familiar from our past, or someone.

I don’t want to say that you have to sit completely in pocket and ashes and lock yourself up in a basement.But you have to do justice to the loss and mourn that. A new relationship sometimes helps, but can also work very easily wrong.

In your case, we talk about a four-year relationship and the tendency to try to reinvent nostalgic love from your past.These are two good signals for me to advise you to take a few moments until you have found yourself again and you are your best friend.

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No, I also suffer from it, especially when I’m in a gloomy mood.Then everything from the past seems better. Also the old loves. But with me this is about when I think again clearly and put this one in a row.

Unless of course you are in love again.That is another issue.

It is an awakening that you will never find love outside of yourself.
You project your own ideal woman on a person outside of yourself.
That projection is your own inner woman. If you can unite them,
You don’t have to look for love outside yourself.
Its symbol is the yin/yang.

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