Is it ‘ skim reading ‘ the natural evolution of reading given our current lifestyle and environment?

What is now called mean reading is literally how I read all my life.

So taking myself as an example, yes

I don’t know if my answer is going to be satisfactory, but currently I am triggered to write down what concerns me regarding Skim reading.

Given my mild brain injury in 2015, I have to a great extent re-learn to use my senses, speech, information processing and motor skills.The brain is, when well stimulated, able to absorb big blows and rebuild it, with all the setbacks to this day, of these skills that I considered for 2015 as normal, is an equally satisfying as frustrating process Shown.

I couldn’t tolerate light, sound, screen/book/scripture, conversational and when I wanted to communicate what I thought of was barely until not out of my mouth.A phrase like:

” it’s not so good today “

Could take more than a minute while I experienced it as normal pace.

In order to communicate more quickly, I learned to use key words.So my answer to how is it going to be:

go.. Less” or simpler yet»pain… While I pointed to my pain points

As my recovery progressed, my concentration span increased step by step.I realised how much data is being offered on a day (conversation, articles, photo, video etcetera), and how much data was actually relevant for my life at the moment. I got by: so I had to learn again with information to go.

Get the core everywhere without the effort but you know what it’s about.If it’s relevant I’ll go deeper into it. Is It redundant let me go

This was my way of processing information.In my case, if I had to concentrate too long, I stopped functioning. I had wegrakingen. I didn’t feel this coming, it was there in à © à © n times when a limit was reached.

A conversation like:

A (nder): ” how Is it going? “
I (k): ” not so good today, with you? “
A: ” Oh not so fine for you, but to better hand toch” you know, Busy printing his ganget” ¦…. Story
I: ” oh, good for you
A: ” and you then?
I: ” as I said not good.. Today heavy,, complaints mention “
A: ” Oh but there is improvement dan”
I: ” no not echt”
A: ” but quite a bit right? “
I: ” i still live Yes and I have a conversation with je”
A: Yeah that’s nice anyway, could you help me * with heavy duty *
I: ” Eh No, I have brainletsel”
A: ” Oh OK, success than doeg”

Was (and still is:P) too much

It was
I: ” hi, I can doen”
A: ” hi, how does it nu”
I: ” bad, but you have something of me nodig”
A: Eh, whether to the point or goes away

As I became healthier (this was beginning now) I could sit 20 minutes behind a phone.I first started reading the news… but there are so many articles! The central question of earlier came up again and I realize only then:

In a paragraph, the first or last sentence is often the most important, and usually the title or first paragraph is sufficient for an outline.

This or a variation of it you learn in elementary school, high school and further follow-up training.Or you will learn to apply it if you did not really know every day when you needed it.

This is for me skimming of text/other media (not bank cards)… it’s a skill I have to learn in practice again.But at the moment it helps me to get through a day while I get in touch with media, people, books and articles

I’ve virtually stopped using Facebook/Twitter and to other social media I haven’t even started. On Quora after then:).

Hopefully this answers the question properly.. It has become quite personal.

This is an interesting question Quora user, thank you.

That skimming is drowsy.The first and last sentence reading was that anyway. What I do I I read the text here soon at all. Once you’ve done that, you’ll read it a little bit more attentive.

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