Is it right for Green Left-chamber member Zihni Özdil to step up after his conflict with Jesse Klaver?


Zihni Özdil was spokesperson for the GroenLinks Group concerning education.It is therefore his task to convey the substantive message of the party’s views, as long as he has failed to convince the party to change its position.

Sure, he may have his own opinion, and discuss them within the party.He did this, and in the Green Left there was a strong discussion, in opposition to what the media and right-wing Twitter accounts are talking about. But he apparently couldn’t muster the patience to keep his mind public for himself until the Discusse was settled. And that’s a huge mistake of him. Why did he need to do that interview in faithfulness?

But there is also more to be had against the narrative of a sect that unjustifiably banies a “freethinker”.Say honestly, how many of you really vote for a specific politician on his personal views? Most in the Netherlands really vote for a party, and then tick the list tractor or the first woman or someone they know within the list. One agrees here on parties, on party programs, not on individual politicians their plans as in the anglofone countries. So yes, it is certainly important that the elected parliamentarian remain as much as possible within the party line. Özdil received only 5747 votes, theoretically far too little to take a seat as an individual (the electoral divisor) and also not enough for preferred votes within a party list (quarter of the electoral divisor), and thus the room was received Thanks to the voices for Green Left and not for him personally.No one asked for this “freethinker” within the group, and it is not correct for democracy if you are thinking of voting on the green Left programme, including the lending system, and then a “freethinker” who chooses to oppose this plan with your own voice?

But the reason I quite rightly think that Özdil is stepping up is the fact that he has been such an ASO to secretly record a conversation with Jesse Klaver.That is indecent and then it is entirely right that Klaver does not pick up and speaks of a breach of confidence.

I am concerned with this affair 100% behind Green Left and Jesse Klaver and have 0 pity on Zihni Özdil.

I was amazed that someone in 2019 makes such basic choices, because he left his seat!

I found that clever. Or was it stupid and too emotional? The jessienator did not have a very high cap on it, so now that he can’t keep Zihni in his party I know enough.

That only the people concerned know for sure.

Something sensible can only be said about this if you have all the information.

In short: the expression of accusations and reproaches, the mud throwing, insinuations and lies or half-truths can only stand in the way of a good assessment of the happening.

Time will show what was right and what was not.

What @Hans zwetsloot says is very important: We do not know the details and then a judgement is of course not entirely correct.

What I can say is that, although parties take an official position, elected individuals have the right to critically review and adapt the views as necessary.That is a fundamental freedom and a task that the citizen has put into the hands of the individuals of the second chamber. That the chosen individuals adhere to a particular party philosophy just fine. That there are views set formed, clever and completely okay. But I vote for people so that they can pursue policies and that also implies to reconsider aspects if of interest.

Apparently, this process has not gone to Zihni Özdil’s desire.The fact that he has given up his chair is particularly regrettable.

As for Jesse Klaver.. It’s my generation mate and I was hoping he would put it to each other’s boxing.. But there is an English word which always comes to mind every time I hear him/See:


Within most parties, having an own opinion is not appreciated.You are only doing well if you have no principles and if you only have an opinion when you know how the penny falls. This requires political experience.

Also because he is stepping up instead of redeeming his seat, Ozdil indicates that he is politically an ignoramus. He cannot match Jesse.

Principles, own opinions, and a tongue that he uses to talk instead of licking.Most do it better.

He protrudes above them with head and shoulders.Oh, he had learned to crawl.

Rise and fall of an enthusiastic member of the Chamber

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