Is it really credible that the Predators are stronger than the Aliens?

It is certainly credible that a predator beats a xenomorph.Why? A xenomorph does have IR image, acid saliva and blood and a hunter’s instinct, but that’s not enough. Predators are also physically very strong, but what makes them better than Xenomorphs is their intelligence. The Predator has weapons and intelligence, just like people.

So the question can you also formulate as why would a super strong man who can be invisible lose an out of the clumps grown insect with acid saliva?People have defeated lions and elephants with spears. A xenomorphs no longer sounds very impressive.

Is the Predator actually stronger in the AvP movies?It seemed that with every 1-on-1 fight, the Metamorph just won. But the Predator does have an extra armor to protect itself and, in addition, quite dangerous weapons that are reasonably well resistant to acid.

In the latest Predator film , we see that the Predators make their own species genetically stronger through the genetic material of the most worthy opponents.For this reason, they hunt other species in the universe to take off the most worthy opponents of DNA and mix them with their own species.

The film predators also shows several subspecies of predators that also compete among themselves to be the best.It is therefore difficult to say that every Predator is stronger than the Metamorph 鈧?娄

But then there is also the Predalien from AvP2.This shows that the Aliens also process genetic material from their victims to strengthen themselves in their reproduction. For this reason, Predators and Metamorphs can be related. Or in any case from the same planet. The actual motivation of the Predators is unclear but the Metamorphs cannot travel independently through space and are thus dependent on other space travellers to move around the universe.

It is therefore very difficult to estimate, but a genetically weak Metamorph can be weaker than a genetically strong Predator.

I join the answer of Christos.When you extrapolate it to our world, you can defend your next analogy.
Are people stronger than lions?I didn’t think so. But because lions do not have the knowledge and technology of man, it generally plays to the detriment of the lion. But that does not prevent the lion from surprising man.

Imagine let the strongest man on Earth and the fastest and best fighter (Bruce Lee) clone together to 1 Super clone.Would that clone be that fast and strong enough to be able to defeat a silver back Gorilla? I don’t think so.

Your question is whether the hunter is stronger than the prey.

Often not stronger but usually smarter, equipped and trained to hunt.This makes the Hunter have a strategic advantage because he has observed and worked out how to exhaust and defeat the prey.

Wins a hunter always the answer is no.