Is it possible to be multi-religious, so that you have different beliefs but that you do not bind to 1 specific religion? Which religion (s) explicitly forbid that you should not believe in other gods?

I believe everything that I am a better man of.Or better I can say, all of which I think ‘ there I have some ‘ that I take with it. Regardless of faith.
One period I am more concerned with than the others.

I also do not really depend on the ‘ gods ‘, because in the base I do not believe in it. I believe in the source (of energy) and I am sure you can translate that into a god or multiple gods from the human perspective.Furthermore, I find it very interesting what people have written down, there are so many lessons in it. The last thing I read were the Upanishads from Sanskrit translated by Swami Paramananda. Some pages I have read 10 times before I could fully contain it. The best thing I find about this sort of thing is that I come closer to myself every time because I have again found a new perspective. That while I thought it was not ‘ closer ‘.

For me, that is what faith means.You do not commit to God, you commit yourself and therefore to everything that lives, man, animal, nature. Everything is-so god.

The Bible is quite explicit about that; Exodes 20:

3 thou shalt have no other gods before me.

4 thou shalt not make thee a carved image, nor any resemblance, of what is above in heaven, neither of that which is beneath the earth, nor of that which is in the waters beneath the earth.

5 thou shalt not bow before them, nor serve them; For I, the LORD thy God, am a zealous God, who visit the crime of the Fathers to the children, to the third, and to the fourth member, who hate me.

Is it possible to be multi-religious?Of course! It is even possible to not be religious…

Believing is something personal; I believe that everyone should decide for themselves where/what he believes (in) and where he/she is comfortable with voelt 鈧?娄

Personal note: With me it is already wrong to believe (something for where assuming is not certain that it is true), I prefer to know… (Believe and knowing mutually exclude each other by definition).As long as it’s not proven that something is true, I’m assuming it’s not true…

I feel most at home with Agnostisism (not knowing), because an Atheist believes too!(Strong; believes that God does not exist/weak; Do not believe that God exists) believing my thing is not I think…

But we live in a reasonably free country where everyone can decide for themselves where they are best at home…

Yes.For example, Zen is combined with Christianity and Judaism. Leonard Cohen was a Jewish Zen monk for a long time. Of course, Zen is a godless religion, perhaps no religion at all.

It is not so much about whether it is allowed, but whether it is possible to do so. The reason most religions prohibit it is because it does not coincide.By this I do not mean that there can be no tolerance, but that you cannot throw them on one heap.

While many people argue that the gods of all (or some) religions are the same, this is not true (except for Judaism and Christianity, even though the one does not believe in Jesus as the Promised Messiah and the other does) when you look at what those ‘ gods ‘ of themselves Say.E.g. When Jesus says in the Bible: I am the only way to God, then every man who knows a little bit about religion knows that Islam, Judaism, the boedism and Hinduism are not a part of this. They have other ways to their God. And this is only one very small figurine.

Some religions, such as the Hindoesme, are polytheistic and therefore would have no problem with, for example, a statue of Mary, but the essence of their faith does not change.There are many interesting similarities to discover in history/myths that go around the world of different religions and even if you look at predictions/future things, but the core of the religions are quite different. Unfortunately, in the past (and it still happened), each other is too easily slaughtered and suppressed, without listening to each other or letting each other free.

What religion (s) forbid-forbids…

Most religions prohibit that with strength.Indeed, it is religions: Religio means ketening, connection. This connects to the one, only, conviction.

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