Is it possible and removable that Trump collaborates with Putin?

How do you look at such a question?

Trump working with Putin to defeat Hillary?

Or should we put ourselves in the place of Putin?

You can be sure that everyone has an opinion and that it is not more than a counter-talk.

3 or 4 lines in an answer and conclusions that contain insults or derogatory words.

The fact is that the US is the arch-enemy for Russia.

Both countries have pumped huge amounts of money into certain services that do not really operate in public.

Infiltrations at different levels.

= > The name is Bond, Donald Bond (joke!).

The Friends of my enemies, are enemies as well.

If you don’t realise that, Disney has done a good job.

At the level of the world, no one has friends.

You can temporarily strive for the same purpose, for sure.

Few years ago, great consternation that bugging the US Merkel.

In Belgium, Belgacom/Proximus suddenly found malware that also sent conversations about their network to the UK.

Oh No, the British are our friends anyway?The Allies from WW2?


Mutti Merkel should have nothing from Trump, but put a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

A phone call with Ukraine had sufficed to know how bad that idea is to lay your fate in the hands of a cool pear like P.

And, Mutti closes a deal with Turkey.

Then, Mutti and especially France want Total oil from Iran and thus defend those dear men who like to blow up Western dogs.

Great country with human rights, women’s rights and the hanging of gays.


Tuut Tuut Tuut, no connection to this number.

Which fool can only see Trump as the bearable devil and just ignore everything that sticks out to every other country in the world?

What should we think of the UK leaders, Germany and France?

Friends of Belgium and the Netherlands?

With human rights as a high priority?

Go away anyway, Joh.

If I was Russia, I now had what I wanted.

Namely, half a society in a kind of madness that thinks Trump and Putin work together to, yes, to do what actually?

Make nuclear bombs together?

A Trump tower in Moscow?

There are several dozen well-known and some unknown services in the US that do not need law or permission to impose a country traitor.

Then you HAVE TO wonder do stupid The population though, isn’t it?

Together, Heulen with Russia is land treason, death with the bullet.

Has not happened, tens of millions of research that runs out of nothing.

The file that was compiled via the Clinton Foundation, the Steele dossier was directed to Bruce Ohr, via the link Nellie Ohr, to FISA court.

At FISA you have no counterparty, that is to say that the government, the FBI itself must declare facts that are relieving.

They have not done so, several Republican (of course) organizations have received documents on the basis of the “Freedom of Information Act” which prove that there were certain impossibilities in the Steele dossier early in the process.

They were not reported to the FISA court.


It goes even further, the court asked if there was more than 1 source.

Obviously the FBI, Yahoo news and Steele said.

Only Steele had leaked the file to Yahoo news.

HMM, again strange.

I can write a whole book on how both parties, both Republicans and Democrats, play dirty and dirty games.

If Barr is a puppet of Trump, Mueller was a Democrat (and Mueller’s history and his work for the Democrats is there).

Can’t anyone see that if Trump is accused of political appointments, also Obama did that?

Supreme Court US?

Google agrees to “Fientje Moerman”, “OpenVLD” and “Constitutional Court Belgium”.


Plus, at world level is no place for amateurs.

I recently read how Mutti in her party liquidated the big names and kept anyone who could be a threat from her neighborhood.

Everyone, even your party mates, your vice president, if someone sees an opportunity, one will turn you off to become president yourself.

Thinking that it suffices to have money and call hard to become president, that is a silly.

At that level you have to be sharp at every second of the day.

The leaders of the world powers are out of category with every day decisions that mean life or death for some other people.

The power to attain and keep, that is just as rich and wealth can be retained (even though written about it here).

Divide and conquer

If I were Russia, then I gave all kinds of fildness over Republicans true and false to the Democrats.

And at the same time I gave all sorts of fildness about Democrats true or false to the Republicans.

Just let them finish each other.

Divide and conquer, 2000 years known, perhaps already longer.

I as a Russian (fictive, he) lie not awake of a choice for 1 of the two enemies (Democrat or Republican).

It is much more valuable to sow mistrust.

Have you ever seen the budgets and the Facebook ads that the Russians used to send the US election?



I put money on it that it is no.

Besides, the US also tries to influence every election of Russia and China (CFR riots in Hong Kong, someone?).

Obviously, everyone is doing it.

It is like Venezuela.

In Venezuela, the Russians and the Chinese have a country close to the US under control.

You can choose as US to just leave it for what it is.

After Venezuela they take X and Y.

So, what do you do?

Or you throw money and weapons against it to help the opposition send the Russians and Chinese home.

The Vietnam war?

North and South Korea?

Even if you do not take the initiative yourself, you will be forced to react if the enemies with the best intentions take over or manipulate a country.

We are all friends, right?

Every leader of a world power has only come to surpass all other opponents in their own country, so everyone has their own resources.

Whoever thinks that the leader of a world power like the US is a clown, an idiot, a little child, who is not even able to inform himself defently.

It also cannot tolerate reading anything that puts its worldview on the loose.

I call that cafe talks.

Ross Perot, recently deceased, independent presidential candidate has broken noit jars.

Trump comes from the New York real estate sector.

Have you ever seen a series on your beloved Netflix about the mafia and real estate?

About politicians, the Mafia and success?

Any idea how much it costs to send ambetante elements to the eternal hunting grounds?

Couple 1000 USD?

Suppose you’ve got a brain.

School or university does not explain at all how the world really works.

There you get the Disney version.

As BodyCount said, “Damn ain’t like That”.

You don’t understand the bothering of the world and yet you have no problem to make you immortal by your opinion audience and without throwing the least supportive facts on Twitter, Facebook and Quora.

I’m impressed, Twitter is a counter at world level but without the beer.

If Trump can use Putin to accomplish something, if Putin can use Trump to accomplish something, they can temporarily try to close chords.

If I do this, you do that.

Syria is an example in which Israel and the US could bomb Iranian Hezbollah’s theses because the Russians often cooperate with Iran but at the same time are not a big fan of the Iranian religion.

If Russia hadn’t explicitly allowed it then it hadn’t happened.

Both Israel and the US had not sent planes over Russian controlled territory if that had not been agreed upon.

This is how strategy works, so you never read it in the national media.

It seems to me more likely that the very clever and very well educated Putin Trump is taking the nose.It suffices to flatter him. Little baby with a tie and a suntan.

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