Is it normal for me to expect my spouse to be the most important person in his life? So also above his parents etc.

Of course I don’t know what the background of your question is. I suppose you don’t just ask this question to your spouse, from “Pietje, who is the most important person in your life?” If it does, I would look for a reason why something so important to you is that you are willing to put your spouse for loyalty conflict.

Are you unsure?Don’t you feel loved? Passed? Does it seem that your interests are less relevant to him than those of his parents? If you can answer these questions, you know what it is about.

If you make your thesis so abstract, you do not achieve anything, you make the problem very black and white.I would correct and define the problem. Again, I don’t know what’s going on, but I can name some issues that have played in my now-lost marriage, maybe you recognize them too and you can appoint them.

  • Considerable sums of money were spent on the needs of his parents, which made him constantly broke and I had to dedicate everything.
  • He let his mother do things with our child who were not healthy and not fine for me and our child.
  • The leisure division between his family and his parents was very crooked.

I am not saying that your spouse recognizes the problem immediately if you appoint it, but at least you have made it constructive.

You expect your spouse to find you the most important person in his life.I understand from this question that you are in conflict with your spouse. As for me, a pointless theoretical discussion.

You can’t agree with choices that someone makes: “You promised to go shopping with me and now you’re going to visit your father”. But when the situation is that the father urgently needs help, then the shopping expires.

It reminds me of people who argue about who loves them the most from the other.Pointless.

Maybe you can first check for yourself what makes you have that expectation.Does that feel like a threat? Are you afraid of something? Every person has their own place in someone’s life. It’s not about a competition. Try to have as few expectations as possible in your life, it makes your life easier because you haven’t become disappointed.

Yes, he has chosen for you and so you should be very important.And as a parent I would be very happy with the person with which my son chooses to live together/marry.

On the other hand, I would not be too oppressive.There is always no point in hammering again, it must be a natural evience. But you can make it heard that you need attention.

In order to give a good answer to this question, you should also know a whole bunch of other things, like what kind of person you are and what this right content for you to be the most important person in someone’s life, also what kind of person is your partner?CAN He show you how important you are to him? ARE you important to him? What/how is his bond with his elders… etc 鈧?娄 I will take a 鈧?艙normale 鈧?situation and answer what I think about it. I find if you choose a partner and make the decision to go with her/him in life, that person IS automatically number 1 in your life, this is not something that you expect from your partner, this should be automatic. This does not mean that you will not make time for others, e.g. your parents, it is important for me to always take care of your parents. It is also NECESSARY to do things sometimes without your partner, if you spend enough time with your partner. But all this goes as I said automatically. If your partner is important to you, you will take into account your partner and WANT TO spend time with her/him. But there are so many factors that play a role, are parents TOO dependent on him? Are you TOO dependent on him? Do you and your partner have a good open communication? Do you both have a clear picture of your situation? Or the situation with the parents and others? I think the most important thing is that you both speak well and say how you feel in some things and especially listen to what the other person says without being ready with judgement, MSS take a third party who can see the things from out of the Box

I am afraid of what you write.A marriage is not a company with a hierarchy and rules of precedence and dominance. You are married to someone who is like him. And you are as you are. And do not think that he or you will change the other. Under those conditions as well as possible living together, that is a marriage. And what if children come? Do you still want to be the most important?

Understandable, but as long as his parents live, you must also respect them as he does.Vice versa of course idem ditto.

Honors your father and your mother so that your days are prolonged

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