Is it likely that the United States flips apart over the next few decades?

Not formally.The VSA will officially remain one country, but in practice it is already two different worlds.

Go to California or New York and you’ll end up in a modern, rich, progressive-tuning state.

However, if you are driving through the interior of the US, you will see a total expired state that undoubtedly deserves the label ‘ developing country ‘.

The question is how long you can control a country with such discrepancies between the different parts as one.

No, I don’t think so though.Collapses could still be, but apart? No, the different states are far too dependent on the state Government to save it separately (except California, that’s doing it tremendously well).

As a country it is one to land.I see so many flaws, and I don’t see how that can be repaired, quite frankly. The people are far too religious, far too suspicious of anyone, scientists, scholars, and government, far too much divided into right and sort-of-linksig-but-not-too-crazy-left, and after years of brainwashing by certain media and the Conservative Party there is a group of people who can really no longer think wisely, but all believe what is being peeled off.

I find it difficult to invent how that can be repaired.I don’t know if you can. It does not mean that the country really folds together, there are really too many people living there, but at some point it will really lose the leading position in the world if it does not know to reverse.

Even with my wife, who is quite left for American notions, I have really not been able to make any changes to certain subjects.That makes my hopes for the United States quite low, unfortunately.

Hopefully not.They have prophets in the highest positions but also quite skilled persons who can and want to occupy such positions..

We have entered the time of liberal democracies.

Empires will still appear and disappear.

But the slow death by relative economic decline is not the same as death by conquest.

Death by the neglect of the American, financial and political isolationism and administrative incompetence is not fast.

But do you know GoE goes these things from the US.

They never reject a challenge.

I believe that Europe has the best system in Europe.

America is dealing with the same problem that also stands out across Europe:

The disintegration of the liberal philosophy that has mastered the modern world since WW II.This means that, in Europe, the left and right are increasingly being opposed to each other and increasingly feller responding to each other.

The blame for this lies clearly with the “liberal left” itself.It has established an economic Free State in which (it has been shown) only individuals have benefited from prosperity. 90 +% of the population (also in the Netherlands) has not seen any progress over the last 20 -30 years. Salaries lie on the same level as when (adjusted figures to the inflation)

Only the privileged 10% has become a treasure trove.

The difference between the income of a coach student and a singer/news presenter is increased tientall times, with the real Realms the difference is at least 100 times (if not a thousand) times enlarged.

Because of this the revolution is now underway. Where the right is supported by this 90% of the population.

This is also happening in the USA, but also in the Netherlands, Israel, and throughout the Western world.

I don’t know your source, but this seems to me very unlikely, that’s like the provinces that would secrete themselves from each other.Feasible, but this is going to have more negative consequences than positive

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