Is it legal to use the ‘Dark Web’?

I confused it!Therefore answer version 2.0

Let’s turn back the wheel of time..kcüruz teiZ red daR das – wiiiiieeeehhhhhhhhhhh –

The year is 1962.Mr Müller is looking for an old school friend in gelsenkirchen’s phone book, but this is not present in this phone book. Fortunately, Mr Müller knows the name and address of his old school friend and writes him a letter.

And back to the future!– wieeeeeehhhhhh –

We are writing the year 2019.Mr Müller wants to access a common wiki that the railway enthusiasts of Gelsenkirchen use to share the travel times of interesting trains. Since his old school friend hosts the wiki on a private server at his home, the railway friends have refrained from indexing this server and the wiki hosted on it, so that the additional traffic by the Gladbecker and Bochum railway friends does not ensures that the school friend suddenly gets problems with the provider. That’s why the Gelsenkirchen railway friends have a bookmark with the unindexed static IP address of the Railway Friends Wiki in the DEEP WEB!

Deep Web is nothing more than secondary roads that are not illuminated by indexing services such as Google.But if you know the address, you can go there. These unlit side streets are not illegal, but sometimes simply practical shortcuts, the location of cheap apartments and halls, but also an area where illegal activities can take place. Seen in this way, any private router that connects a home or corporate network to the Internet is a potential entry to a server on the Deep Web.

For example, at my last work, we used a wiki to manage and share text modules for explosion protection documents.Because this required a server for the local network, it was not a big problem to connect this server to the Internet via a port in the router. And already there was a new Deep Web Server. Completely legal, practical and handmade.

With the Dark Web, and here I confused things, it is the area under the road.Here you need special tools to lift gully lids, keys for maintenance shafts or a private elevator in underground event rooms. This use of the network is also legal, because in this way only access is secured by passwords, technical measures or an invitation system. So far, at least in some countries, it is still allowed to communicate in a protected manner, and not illegally if one does not send a protocol to the Ministry of State Security from every conversation. The fact that these funds can also be used for illegal activities does not automatically make them illegal. Otherwise, this would also be the case with cars, tights and sports bags.