Is it healthy to stop eating carbohydrates?

If, like me, you suffer from obesity (suffering…), ESPECIALLY SUGAR, yes.

We cannot do beyond the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids from our diet, since we cannot make ourselves, however, we can make the main carbohydrate, glucose, fine self: gluconeogenesis

Total stopping would give problems because carbohydrates are a direct energy source.

However, you can adjust the intake of carbohydrates to the amount of activities you do daily. If you like going running and exercising then carbohydrates are important. If you want to lose weight then it helps to take less carbohydrates because your body then has to break down fatty tissue to get to energy. But if you have little moves, we need a little bit of carbohydrates.

From my own experience, I know it helps to slim down if you don’t eat any more sweet meals.Whether or not there are carbohydrates in it makes little out but if it tastes sweet then that (according to me) activates certain hormones in the body that cause you to measure hunger to encourage you by continuing to eat. Because the body is fond of energy. If the body finds that you taste energy rich food then it will encourage you to eat by. You will continue to eat longer and you keep on pulling.

So banish everything that tastes sweet from your diet, especially the very sweet products.You will then notice that you are going to lose weight.

But if you are too skinny, sweet food is better because you arrive.

Too heavy is not healthy.Too light is not healthy. So adjust the amount of carbohydrates in your diet to be healthy…

I tried to fall off by doing a lot of sports and eating less around ten years ago.I was indeed able to fall off 15 kg within two months. I found it a feat myself. Unfortunately I arrived again.

But we don’t have that.At the time I tried to eat low carb. At one point I ate only protein (protein), vegetables, and fruits. Unfortunately I often heard my stomach grudges. I didn’t know what was going on. Then I asked the GP board and she told me that I should always eat a little carbohydrate: a slice of bread or a little rice. Otherwise, it would be less good for my stomach.

So my conclusion is that it is not always healthy to stop eating carbohydrates unless you have been used to it for a long time.

I hope I have answered your question with this.Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).

Totally stopping carbohydrates is what extreme and I would say ultimately not healthy.Looking critically at when and how to get those carbohydrates is very useful. So for example I’m going to eat much less carbohydrates, in the evening I avoid them as much as possible. Yet I eat about 4 sandwiches in the morning and afternoon because I do need to get through the day.

I recommend, change your diet step by bit and adjust it where you think what to be able to win.Less carbohydrates is a useful strategy to fall off.


Excess carbohydrates, and especially fast carbohydrates like sugar, can lead to obesity.However, enough carbohydrates are needed as fuel, especially if you are leading a physically active existence.

What is too much and what is sufficient will vary per person and even per day.

If you have epilepsy it is a way to save it without medication.

It is also an efficient way for many to fall off.

Furthermore, it does not seem convenient.You have to get your energy from somewhere. Without carbohydrates, you have to eat a lot of fat. That’s a heavy load for your bile production.

My partner eats almost no carbohydrates because she has diabetes.Sometimes she smells like acetone and she sometimes has gout.

Probably not.If the body does not have a way to use glucose it will perhaps pass to fat burning. Something that happens in individuals in diabetic coma. The breath of such persons may have a slight acetone odor. Odour of nail varnish remover. Unripe ackee Fruit Food can have similar effect.

No that is definitely not healthy.

However, it is important from what foods you get the carbohydrates.Some are quickly absorbed by the body and the other slowly. If you eat a lot of fast carbohydrates, you get insulin spikes in your blood and that is certainly not healthy. It is healthier to eat the slow carbohydrates. These are mainly in starch and fibre. Sugar is of course the best known carbohydrate. No sugar eating at all is not good, especially since glucose is a major energy source for your brain.

Good sources of carbohydrates are mainly wholegrain cereal products such as wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta, potatoes, legumes, vegetables and fruits.Carbohydrate-rich products that are poor in nutrients, such as soft drinks, cakes and sweets, can be taken to a limited extent.

It is not healthy to stop eating carbohydrates.Your body needs carbohydrates. However, you need less carbohydrates above 30 or 40. It is wise to eat less rice, pasta or potatoes. Excess carbohydrates in the blood should be taken away by insulin. Producing too much insulin every day can lead to diabetes. The stored carbohydrates serve as a reserve but are converted into fat after some time.

In a carbohydrate-poor diet this fat is used to produce carbohydrates and thus glucose.This allows you to lose weight. So you better not continue to avoid carbohydrates forever.

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