Is it good to be strict for yourself?

‘ Being strict ‘ sounds a little childly.Educators and teachers, who can be strict (for another). I myself strive for more ‘ mild-being ‘, for myself and others.

That said: It is pleasant if you have a working conscience.This ensures that you are still a little accepted by the fellow man. And with conscience I do not mean the garbage attic where your educators (and teachers) have dumped their beliefs. The main task of the adult-being is to keep scavenging in that attic: The OLE Meuk out and that which really of you is in there. And remember: You are not there to serve your conscience. Conscience serves you. And in case of change of situation, knowledge, experiences etc, the conscience sometimes deserves an update. It’s basically like principles: if you do it right you are not a slave to your principles, it is the other way around: your principles serve you. And sometimes have to be updated too. In this sense: mildness.

“What man has the most to fear is himself.” My idea: do not.

Absolutely!Be for yourself as strict as you would be for your children.

Of course, you never earn the benefit of the doubt yourself, because you know exactly what your motives were and the circumstances under which you do things or fail which are not in the hook.

But just like your children, you have to dampen that severity with righteousness and only from love does it work to correct someone (best to do) or change (almost impossible), even yourself.

That’s my theory.If you would see me in practice: often on the late side, often in an uncleared house, too little exercise and too much food, you would think that I can still use a spoon of my own medicine.

And you would be right.

I think that being realistic is already strict enough. I.e. not tolerate lies/excuses or accept procrastination on a daily basis.Of course there are circumstances-but if you put a high limit on it, it all comes along.

Sometimes people say to me that I am strict for myself regarding my low carbohydrate diet.Fact is that for me it is not a diet and also something I find more pleasant than comatose in my seat hang after lunch. Sugar (and fast carbohydrates) can really tolerate my body very badly and at some point I have said to myself ‘ be realistic ‘-cost > income (in terms of energy and consequences).

I can eat from myself what I want, however, in some cases I find it not worth the price.Strict? Rather logically from my perspective. When I eat sugar I feel really incredibly rotten so why should I keep eating it? In addition, my work performance also suffers. How many reasons can you need?

Then you still have principles, such as R. Soul indicates in his answer.Those are really things that people linger on. Principles, and if you say A, you must also tell B. Also something like that-what is sound-ready (emotional blackmail) nonsense!

Of course I have principles, but they grow and stretch with me.I always say ‘ basically I have principles. ‘ Or-those principles are scenario/situation bound. I do not constantly encounter the same situation in my life (if this is the case it means that there is still something to learn)-so my principles are certainly not poured into lead.

Oh wait I have one that is cast in lead: Whoever says A must say B, I do not work with it.

Maybe someone else knows that though?Now that I wrote it so I heard in my mind ‘ sitting on the blisters.. ‘ Could it be that whoever says a must say B in the beginning may have meant that you have to accept the consequences of ‘ a say ‘. So more of a ‘ what you sow will you reap ‘ situation and that we have distorted this statement to blackmail means to get our way anyway when someone changes your mind? I mean, you have to row with the belts you have, so it may not be an unlogical thought that someone thought ‘ hey that statement I’m going to use out of the ordinary context, let’s see what happens! ‘

Of course not so conscious, but many statements are misused in ways that if you hear the clock ringing (and also know where the clapper hangs), can at least be called ‘ strange ‘.

“Strict” does not come in my vocabulary about dealing with adults (including myself) before.

Of course, I believe that I have to abide by the generally applicable human values, in particular others do not harm themselves in obtaining benefit.Actually “Others do not do what you do not want yourself to be done”.
Some financial discipline, and self-discipline to maintain a reasonably healthy lifestyle is of course necessary for practical reasons.
But as a sober living pensioner, I think I should best treat myself from time to time when I want it to be something nice/tasty, usually together with the other family members, because only eating or experiencing/seeing is not fun for me.

Day C茅line,

Being strict for yourself is usually seen as wrong or not good.I look at it differently. Being strict is not always negative. On the contrary it can make you stay alert. You should certainly be strict for yourself every now and then. You have to make sure that you keep focus on the things that matter.

If you are not strict for yourself, it can often occur that you are going to become a bit more lax and the grind is going to get a whole bunch of things.So being strict is not bad, but you have to make sure that you are not too strict of course. Be strict but in moderation;).

Depends on what you know under “being strict for yourself”.

As a child/youngster, I quickly knew that there was 1 well-defined way that allowed you to regulate as much freedom as you wanted for yourself.

That way was: do what you have to do and then they can make you nothing more.

I did not have to be strict for myself.The “reward” was so much bigger than the effort I had to deliver to get my freedom.

As my mother said: Vacuum The living room, clean the garage and put fresh sheets on your bed, then I swirl through the house.Did everything as efficiently and quickly as possible and then I was free.

Until Tonight mom!

Grts, Stign

Lies there I can be very hard as in almost chilly and it really excites no thunder even after myself of walk not so to whine to be weeping from sitting on your butt nothing happened you can still order a pizza but dude honestly there you are not going to be slimmer of it.On the other hand, I can have so fucking grind that I am self-clouded because everything goes so damn but that looks bad. Though it’s chill to just spend a whole day on the couch. Just having me play junk food food get another video game get another pack of peukies eats that chocolate bar eats that biscuit get that new shirt get that perfume go after the whores for 100 Eu sucker that bottle of wine empty you live only once pikkemoos better if you yummy There does what gives you pleasure. Thing is the consequences yes I have told myself 3 years fucking eats what you fancy so I have a belly. I smoke from me 15th am 28 count but. Balance is the issue. I do myself sometimes think of me grandparents who indulted me as a child. Over the past few years things have been bad for me so then you become a bit more up after yourself from Joh high little bit can not hurt. Maja I’ve done that for years so eh I gotta draw it right,

Dealing with yourself is just like a perfect upbringing,

Sometimes severe, sometimes

Everything in balance with each other.

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