Is it easier to welcome immigrants and refugees as a country if you share the same culture and religion? Or is a human being enough?

What ‘ n tricky question… I have to cut it into pieces to write a reply.

“Is it easier to welcome [people as a country if you share the same culture or religion?”
In practice, some people find it very difficult to welcome others if they have a different culture or religion.Does this mean that we find that as a country harder?Might be. But with such an answer you are able to generalize all the Dutch as intolerant to other cultures and religions, which would not be right.

“Is Human being enough to be welcomed?”
No, obviously not.Almost everyone agrees that uncontrolled economic immigration from Africa is unsustainable for the Netherlands. There are several reasons for this, which partly have a culture of doing:

  • Firstly, we do not have our naturalisation services in order, which means that we are raising migrants with considerable debts that would form a large group of vulnerable people.
  • Secondly, as the Netherlands, we are not prepared for a significant increase in population, as evidenced by the traffic jams and housing distress.
  • Thirdly, we have to contend with anti-liberal extreme right populism which makes problems for Dutch and European politics.

The intolerance is already such that this group disapproves of its own population when it has a migration background or a left political position. This group is part of our democracy, even though it feels like an appeasement to name the behaviour of populists as a valid reason for not excluding economic migrants.I myself am in Dubio about this third point, but there is a case for it.

The above points do not mean that we cannot use the young migrants in the age of ageing, or that they are not welcome, but given the above points, I wonder whether a influx of economic migrants is desirable.

Who will be ‘ welcomed ‘?Of course the people with a western, liberal background, provided they earn money and bring capital that we can tax. Anyway, we don’t have it anyway, right? Who ‘ welcome ‘ we continue? The political and war refugees. The difference between economic immigrants and war refugees is not trivial.
Why put ‘ welcomed ‘ in brackets?Because the refugees do not even have to be welcomed. We have a duty to include refugees according to the Geneva Convention. People may grumble about Syrians what they want; In addition to the fact that collecting refugees (including children) is the humane thing to do, we are required by law to do the humane thing. We have said as a country that we would catch people when their country is bombarded with gort or if they are persecuted for their sexual orientation, and this has been laid down in international agreements.
In comparison, people are also not necessarily welcomed at’t UWV or at the municipal Department of Social Affairs.They don’t have to be welcomed. Sometimes people are entitled to services of ‘ n ‘ government, or government agencies that are now welcoming or not. This is also the case with war refugees from Syria and political refugees from Iran.

You know, anyone who has it hard is best welcome.But those who are going to make it difficult, who wants no one.

During the First World War many Flemish refugees fled to North Brabant and Zeeuws Vlaanderen.They spoke Dutch, as were the North Brabant Roman Catholic, and some had already had knowledge and family in the north of the country.

That did make things much simpler indeed.

As you have hopenly noticed yourself, a more shared cultural background makes it easier, people just tend to get people who appear on their selves to be nice/sympathetic eetc.To find.

If a stranger does not want to share the culture (religion is irrelevant in the Netherlands) you have a very big problem.If you have the same culture, there is a lot less going on. You have, as it were, already laid a foundation. I say this from my own experience of going live in another country.

Being human is enough though a Feyenoord supporter gives another Feyenoord supporter a more Heartmore welcome than an Ajax supporter if that last Uber is already welcomed… In case of an emergency, we will come back to being human in the first place.

Or if you see someone drowning you will not first see exactly who it is. You see someone in distress and you are ideally right in action.The opposite seems to me also true: I don’t see a Ku Klux Klan member refusing help if I drowns and a Afro-American comes to save. Don’t think the Klan member says, “No, I’d rather drown!”

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