Is it easier to be poor than rich?

I think I can say that I have experienced it both.

Not as bad as you see in third world countries.

But so I couldn’t give the car a turn.No buying food that I was looking for. No health insurance could buy. MN daughter from the NL school had to pick up (Sunday she got Les, at the NL school) against MN daughter saying that the school was closed, because I found it too sad to tell her that we couldn’t afford it. Not just to be able to fly to NL, because that’s too much money.

The Empire, a seaside house in Hawaii in the most expensive area of Hawaii, that was for this time with my daughter.I could do and leave what I was looking for. Fly whenever I wanted.

Can say no doubt or think that the house in HI felt pieces more pleasant, and gave more safety and joy.Life then also had ups and downs, but everything is easier with money. And Finer.

Especially for MN daughter I find it very fell that it is as it is. Luckily it’s all hidden from her.She gets a lot of beautiful clothes from her aunt. And other things from other family.

However, I certainly hope that things will change in the future.


Of course!

I am assuming that we are talking about being financially poor or wealthy.I have learned from experience that it is very easy to get rid of money. Even so easy that other people want to take over that money voluntarily.

The reverse is unfortunately a little harder to imagine.

Wealth in a person’s brain of medium intellect does not give a great opportunity to be a good man.Material possession from childhood spoil the person to insensitivity versus the others. People who are rich but remain in ignorance and without schooling are arrogant, selfish, greedy, evil against whom is poor. These kind of people think the poor are lazy and fish. This kind of thought is formed during his childhood and under the rules of socialization. The rich who are clever and studying can be more sensitive and if they believe in God they do like charity.

Poverty is a black stain and consequently of their exploitation from generation to generation.Poverty is a inhabited society that has been told about the greedy riers who have built their wealth with sweat and blood from the poor and slaves. Poverty is a condition that reduces man and makes small while the thieves buy empires all, politicians and TV to make propaganda and to claim their empty life as a tendence. It is a shame how the channels of Belgian TV always talk about how to live the wealthy women of Hollywood or Kardashian, film of Violence and little documentary about the history of Belgium, the tradition and culture of Belgium. It is a scandalous to see everything revolves around wealth and advertisement and the poor and the people who are being wiped out never come into view. The poor are respected only in the Netherlands where NPO2 is the best where everyone comes into view. The rich can live a simple life with their money but they have to learn the values of sharing, mildness, altruism, honesty, love.

There are arms that have very bad habits and try to rebel against the society that has given them so little.They blames their fate and live in fear and curse everyone and this is a kind of greedy spirit that tries to change the situation. Some low skilled are trying to commit criminal offenses to become wealthy and the most cleverly going to study. Belgium gives the opportunity to study everyone so that the smart poor will improve their situation. The skills learned in a family gives the key to success or failure. Poverty is a hallmark of capitalism and can be combats with a fair social policy where the government does not protect the interest of wealthy industrial and multinational companies but the interest of the people. So the factories cannot buy instead of worker robots and the government does not have to allow them to relocate and thus produce poverty. Poverty has not fallen out of heaven but is product of the people a kind with inhuman heart.

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