Is It better for your home to heat this occasionally firmly when you are an economical stoker?

To avoid moisture problems I would effectively heat the house (even if I am away), it is appropriate to keep the consumption well (it can always happen that there is a problem).

So upon return it is recommended to check the meter mode.The chance that something is wrong is minimal, but still it pays to see it.

Nowadays there are apps and domotics (e.g.A device to measure the temperature and forward it to your mobile phone).

This way you can keep an eye on the things from a distance.

I once read that a man and his family confused their home every day (even in summer).

It is just that they left the thermostat at 10 ° degrees (both daytime and night).

This was because there was a lot of trip in the house and by turning on the heating they could remedy this.

I’m going to be honest, I’m really in the cold now (but in a sleeping bag).I have now put the heater back slightly higher (I resists the heater regularly a day).

In between I put it lower at 5 ° or 15 ° and if the temperature drops too much then I put it back higher.

If the sun shines inside or if the upper neighbours are firing, then I can put him lower, otherwise it is too hot.

If you regularly stoked at 16 ° you are actually pretty good (I usually stoke at 17 °, then it is pleasant here).

From experience this really proves to be the ideal temperature (but you have to make sure you are well dressed)-and certainly as a lady.For a gentleman this still succeeds, self quite lightly dressed.

Men generally don’t have that cold as quickly as a woman.

If you set the thermostat to 16 ° then it is fresher and chilly in the house, but if you are well dressed you will feel less.

If you put it at 16 ° during the day and at 10 ° at night, you are actually good.

Ten degrees for me is really too cold because it is inside tour through the wooden windows on my bedroom.If I do not want to have a cold, I set the heater to 15 ° à 16 °.

When I turn the heater off at night, I have to heat too hard in the morning (20 to 21 degrees).

When I turn on the heating at night, I do not have to stoke so hard in the morning.

Whether this is better I will only know later:). There have been a while back 2 energy controllers came over with me to check my consumption and this was OK.

The water consumption was higher as with other singles, but I like to shower and save on other things.

Last year I saved a huge amount of heating.My monthly cost was about 12 euros (this was abnormally low), but I also did walk around with a coat in the house (it was a different house).

I have intended to not save obsessive because this does not work with me (I have the feeling that I cannot enjoy life).

Instead, I stick to a certain amount that I can afford.

If I stay there, then it’s good.If I go over it, it is not good and then I look at the way I can make adjustments.

With every home it falls a little different.I have been living for 2 years alone and moved last summer.

If you live small, you can already seriously save it on the bill.

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