Is it because of our giftedness that we are separated from God? Is This the reason for our sense of solitude, so we need friends and relationships?

Again such a USA Alt-right/evangelical question, direct 1 to 1 translated by a [Google translation robot.So ridiculous and absurd, at the same that the original questions (ST) are absolutely not gifted.
[“Our” giftedness must be totally ignored in the question.

And no, feelings of solitude has nothing, but nothing whatsoever, with which God and religious submission whatsoever to make.

Loneliness is ingrained, an unpleasant feeling that occurs when we are not part of the group, simply because this in olden times made it impossible to survive.Evolutionair thus a survival mechanism, chemistry created by the body to warn/let you take action. The Holbewon (ST) there really could not come a season without the tribe.

Why in everyone who creates dust?Simply because those who did not have it were filtered out early: simply dead. Allowing you to automatically only (those early) people who have that dust = from that moment on everyone.
[The basic principle of evolution and underlying statistics

That sounds strange.Let’s translate it. Is it because of our high giftedness da we are separated from Saint Nicholas. And are we therefore lonely?

Ehmm.. No, Sinterklaas is not real.Sorry. No evidence has been found for some 4000 known gods in many thousands of years. Undoubtedly you fully agree with that. Or do you think Ra really exists? Or Bale? And yet, whole generations of people with sincere conviction have believed that anyway.

You are right in the observation that we are a social being.We love to have others around us. And it’s healthy to make you feel meaningful, purposeful and loved.

This is not always easy In the world around us.A lot of work doesn’t make sense. Many people are much more focused on receiving attention than giving them. Many people are uncertain and that makes them not easily praise another person for something good.

And that is precisely where Sinterklaas is looking around the corner.Feels good he 鈧?娄 Zo N well-known guy who Heeeeelemaal love you. And you still give cake as well. Then your life almost makes sense.

Or not.

The sense of God is like drugs.Addictive. Gives a great kick but that EBT quickly away. It is not true and once you understand it and see that you better have to design a truly meaningful existence than to wait for next week when the Earth is going once again. Or the following week. Then it certainly comes. And in the meantime, our church desperately needs your money, mainly to sell you those drugs in the form of an old book.

Only singles with no family and friends can turn to a religion.Not the high level of giftedness but the technological feed exit and the cursed Darwin and Tesla are the reason for the decline of the Catholic religion.

You can easily find the answer to your question in the first Bible book, Genesis.Man is separated from God by the fall of sin. And you know that this could well come again because of the cross-death of his son Jezus…

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