Is it allowed to flirt if you have a relationship?

If you make this kind of thing negotiable in the beginning of the relationship, you know pretty quickly if you fit together.Because if I love flirting, and my wife thinks this is terrible, then we may not be fitting together at all.

Find someone who suits you, and then not the idea but really know for sure, and then you don’t have these kinds of questions.
Hereby: “Permission” sounds like checking, and that is never good in a relationship.

It is not forbidden, but I would not do it myself if you are happy in a relationship.Then you love two people, namely yourself and the other.

On the other hand, flirting in some cultures is a kind of game and not serious. I have noticed that some people from the Mediterranean region often do this.

Furthermore, I have also heard from a friend of mine, that some women have flirted with him, only to get attention and confirmation.I cannot check this and I do not know to what extent this assertion is true.

In any case, I hope to have answered your question.Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).

Ehh What is the purpose of flirting?Correctly. If someone flirts with you, that’s a nice compliment of course, especially if you have a relationship. Do you feel even wanted. I would always respond nicely but there will be no doubt that I am proud of my partner.

Oh well, maybe I’m just kei old fashioned and usually I don’t even get through.Can use a flirt lesson. Of me so little to fear.

I think so.It is about what you and your partner have agreed to explicitly or tacitly about this.

Jealousy is in term a relationship doder.

It is not forbidden by law, so much is certain.

Whether it is accepted within the relationship will differ per relationship, I think. Depends on how both partners are in it.I know that there are no problems whatsoever, but they also make the eyes scratch.

It depends a bit on what you call a relationship and how you estimate it.For myself I think of: No, I would not do that.

There is no clear answer to this, because this is very personal. Two or more persons decide whether they allow it in their relationship or not.

Personally, I find flirting no problem in a relationship.My definition of flirting is to make certain (sexually suggestive) remarks, without having any intentions. Often you know from each other what you tolerate and what is not. Communication is very important in that.

I would say not.Then you can argue: Komaan, it was just some innocent flirtation.

But that’s just: it’s not totally innocent.

I think a lot of people do that without a plan to go weird.If their relationship has been longer.

I would not feel like it if you have a good relationship.

If you have a bad relationship but you can’t just leave it, because of children and house, location, etc, and the years go by.Then it becomes a difficult question.

Or ‘ mag ‘.No one can ban you such a thing. The best situation is, of course, if your partner (and you) are so happy together that you both do not feel like it, and also want to do everything to protect that relationship. No flirting is in that list to protect your relationship.

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