Is it advisable to read several books at the same time? Do you do it?

Yes, if there are two or a maximum of three.I’ll talk from my own experience haha.

Think if I would read more, I would get confused with the characters of a book.

It is wise to read several books at the same time.It must also be quite different books. You cannot read three different regional novels at the same time.

You can sometimes read thin booklets in a few days, but it is good in combination with other books.

You can also read different history books over different periods, or else they complement each other.

When reading it is a good habit to make some short notes.So it stays better in memory.

If you see a movie series quietly episode for episode, instead of seeing everything in one weekend in a while, the episodes will remain separate, the big storyline, the between plots and the individual characters much better in your memory.Between the different episodes you can then look at other series.

The difference between reading and watching is that you are addressing another part of the brain.In spectacle films you can also be overwhelmed, but if you read, or listen to, you create yourself all the images in your head. In order to enlarge the spectacle in films, they are sometimes violent. A violence that is shocking in real life, but by constantly seeing violent images you become immune.

You can also compare reading of different books with fitness.You train a muscle group on one device and then other muscles on another device. For example, your legs and belly as you pedal to the city, and your arms and back as you zeult with two full shopping bags. You’re not going to cycle a thousand kilometers in one go to train your legs, then, if you uitgetrained are two hundred kilometers to Zeulen with full shopping bags. No, you do little by little.

If you have learned, you may think “but the brain is not a muscle”.Of course this is also true. A better example than the people you meet. Every day you maintain a kind of fixed relationship with maybe four to twenty people. I mean the intensive friendships and enmancies. If you really like everyone else that you deal with (from eye contact to consciously ignoring) you may know a few hundred real friends.

Your books are also a kind of friends.Although the writer does not know you, you know the writer. In mind, you’re talking to them while you’re reading them. One time you think “just fine as you write this”, and then you think “How have you been able to do this?”. I find my relationships with writers much more intense than with people who contribute to Quora. On Quora I find only two or three very sympathetic.

Who they then my great friends, who do not know me at all?Who do I read at the moment?

Simon Carmiggelt, Guy de Maupassant (Bel Ami), Agatha Christie (i verslind recently and very different than forty years ago), J.MA. Biesheuvel (How would it go with him, now his wife has died?I really do with him), Charles Dickens; Oliver Twist (I really can’t read in succession), Kader Abdolah; The House of the mosque, (really fascinating), L de Jong, about the Second World War.

This is the main thing that I read at the moment.Some are short pieces. Also from Agatha Christie I read stories now, the detectives you also read the best in a few days. If you set yourself up on an unlikely plot, where especially the humorous descriptions of relationships and people are most important, are the very nice novels.

I can only do this if the books have a different purpose or subject.So I can’t read two novels, that just means I’ve made a mistake with the first one. However, I can combine it with a professional book. Also reading two professional books is not something I do.

No as always just 1 book.With 1 book and then take a break? 😛

Not so hard read of a piece or 8 as I want with ease that the fine of an iPad with Ibooks wont change.Then I read 20 pages in the one when I sat I read 20 pages in another if I do like it and that book me more intrees then I read 50 and then I have to read 20 page in 2 books which I like less. Tis yourself to learn. It’s very simple you grab 4 books and you’re going to read if that succeeds. Read your other

In principle no problem, I know enough that the alternation just fine.But I never do it. I find it finer to live in a story in full for a period, and that’s not when I’m going to deal with other things

I wouldn’t recommend it myself.It seems to me that you can not give full attention to any of the books you read. If I read two books at once, then it is one fiction and one non-fiction. I don’t like two fiction books at the same time.

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