Is it a good or bad development that a child can have four parents in the future? Does this have any negative impact on the child?

No one like change, children either.Stability is best for them.

Also, I think both parents in a house is best for children.

But more importantly, they have adults around them who love them and who they try to support and stimulate to get ahead in life Ed, in and a stable home.Life is not perfect. So if parents of children can get better apart, and so there are 4 parents, then the most important thing is that there is love and stability. Anyway, whatever living situation, stability, peace and love is the most important.

That I think two parents in a house is best for children I think because I am doing that now for my daughter too.And I notice that the hair does a lot of good. I am divorced from her father, which was a very difficult nasty divorce. Then had a relationship with a narcissist where everything was a lie. Which of course was also traumatic for my daughter. Again to make a break. She was crazy about her Steve sister.

In order to limit damage, her father and I try to live in a house, for the well-being of our daughter.It seems to do her very well. It goes well in school, and she is very happy. And no, I have nothing with her father, my ex husband. We don’t often argue.

It is a very difficult situation for me, because I understand that as long as I live so, I cannot deal with any other relationship, but I also do not want to enter into a relationship with my ex.Because I have other things on my mind now, that’s fine. In the long run, I may find it difficult to do so.

But it goes very well with my daughter.

Something I was very afraid of after two separations in just a few years time.I feel that it goes better with her than when I lived with M N previous friend, even though she had peace with it, and she found her Steve sister very much fun. The fact that they find this living situation finer is something she also tells me when I ask her.

Alas, 4 is yet to be done and the considerations and that part authority is also cleverly conceived.But now what if those four parents break their relationships and enter into new ones. Should we go to eight parents? Everything you mess with the natural given of one mother and one father makes it complicated.

But society is complicated and four loving parents are better than two indifferent or parents who abuse their children.

It is not ideal, and most studies show that a stable environment with a mommy and a daddy gives the greatest chance for a hassle-free youth and education.But life is full of uncomfortable, unselect and inescapable events. Then we should do it with the best solution in those circumstances.

The solution that the government has laid down in this scheme is, in my view and judging from the AD article, a very reasonable one, also reasoned from the interest of the children in such circumstances.

I think it is good not to confuse the legal situation with reality.The reality runs, certainly here, Miles ahead on the legal sealing of already existing real families.

As far as the question on that legal catching up race strikes: Of course it is good for all concerned if real life is better regulated in the law.

If the question is about changing family compositions, then I think it is important to note that there are many cultures with very different models.And they seem to find these children very normal. Children probably suffer more from the reactions of the outside world to their family situation, than from the construction itself.

It takes a village to raise a child “and I also really believe that children cannot get enough love.

-I do not like talking about personal things-

But my daughter’s father was and has always been a very good friend of mine.There is “accidentally” a child emerged from it. But even now our friendship is still great. My daughter has never seen us quarrel (I am a lot, but they need it).

We will visit each other.I’ll even go there for a weekend (so handsome of my new husband) to help. The first 12 years my daughter lived with me. Now for 6 years at Papa. But it has only helped my daughters relationships. By learning that 4 people can also be just a family.

Love and change have no negative impact.. Quarrel and fighting divorces though.

A child can already have four parents.And there are always circumstances to invent, where having four parents is correct or bad for a child. There are (therefore) both negative and positive consequences that could possibly have an impact on a child.

However, it is not yet able to be assessed with certainty what the consequences are, whether they have a good or bad effect and whether that has an impact on a child.That is also the reason why the law, which was debated this week, is not yet very much adapted.

There is still a reason at the moment, why only two of those parents are empowered.Only when that changes can a new situation arise.

It gets some pressure there and how does the adhesion?Are there both father figures and mother figures or the family leans towards a gender. If it doesn’t have to, you shouldn’t have to experiment very with children. It is ideal if they grow up in a quiet environment, where they do not have to constantly do anything. They have already been told that they have only 20 years or so, well we grew up near the GDR. Sting Overdrove Once when he said “every childhood is difficult”. Let’s hope not, in addition, in the Netherlands we must change the role of the father and his powers and rights.

Please pay attention if you are going to acknowledge “your” child no DNA test is requested, you will not be informed by the official that if you are not married, you have to apply for parental power as a father to a district court, it goes wrong between the partners and your daughter walks Bv. With her knickers inside out, while you had to watch that day, you won’t see your daughter from that day.Even you can be told that you are not actually the biological father. If the mother tells the bodies and the children, you will never see them again. The only thing you can still do is pay until they are 21 in the worst case. Everything because she asked if you wanted to recognise the children without doing DNA testing, put on paper that if it no longer goes, you decently go apart. The one who accuses the other of the children’s sexual abuse and cannot prove that without manipulations and corruption (sexual services to justice and the other authorities is not punishable in the Netherlands), gets no more money from “Papa”. Children are often a revenue model for a particular type of “mothers”. All the bodies support the mother in the parent, that is their earning model, to a harmonious, happy family they deserve nothing. There is nothing to do in the Netherlands. So the mother can have a body removed in record time and “Daddy” has it checked, because no parental authority.

A child always has two parents.脙 漏 n mother, and 脙 漏 脙 漏 n father. That’s just a biological fact.

Some call for foster parents.These are not parents, which are temporary caretakers who work for a nursing care facility. There are stiefouders? No, that’s the new partner of Mum or dad, not parents.

There is, of course, one exception.Adoption. But the biological parents waive their parenthood, or this is deprived of them by the judge or death.

If you go to a system with four parents, you ask for trouble.After a divorce, it is often very difficult to get two parents on the same line. Do you really think it will be easier if the new partners of the parents are given a say?

My sister-in-law and her husband, through deception, had a poos at her home as a foster daughter.Howel The judge quickly put an end to this, we sat for a discussion at the medical daycare center with:

2 Parents (we so)

2 “foster parents”

1 Foster Parent

1 Family Guardian

That’s 6 people, and 4 opinions.A completely unworkable situation.

You can give the new partners a limited decision-making power for situations where a decision is to be taken quickly.But please do not make the situation even more complex and potentially unworkable. Keep it with two parents, which is often difficult enough.

The number of parents is not the problem.It is the quality of parenting.
One-parent families; There are also very many of them; can also provide excellent parenting.
On the other hand, a traditional family that has not functioned is very bad for a child.Parents. Parents who micro-manage their child, you grow your problem with children.

If the family offers stability, the child can develop well.It will get used to the situation quickly enough. Importantly, the parents, no matter how much they are, communicate well with each other. And if there are disputes these are not about the back of the children fighting out. And also do not try to keep it secret for the children. Children are not stupid, and have been very quick to say that something is going on.

Is good.Two know more than 1 so four know even more. Whether it can be confusing I don’t know for sure. Possible though, but confusion is not always negative. Can also be seen as a very instructive experience that can be taken advantage of later. It’s like with so many things a man is running into: go well with it.

My “Half-Sun” (They called me-their stepfather 鈧?虄half-Father鈩? had essentially two fathers and two mothers.Quite a few Oma s but only 1 grandpa.

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