Is it a good or a bad idea to enter into a marriage with your best friend?

Is why you want to do something like that and what you expect from marriage.I find my best friend great but I don’t fall on women, and they as far as I don’t know either. But suppose that her country of origin decides to step out of the EU and she has been living and working in NL for 15 years and has basically all her life here. In this case I want to help her best (of course on paper and without sex).

A marriage is the ultimate affirmation of the friendship.Nor can I imagine getting married to someone who is not your friend. If it is good, you are also friends for life after a marriage.

That sounds a bit crazy.From friends to pats marriage.
Before you get into the boat does a relationship go ahead?So I just assume that that is the case.

I don’t see what the problem is, if you are already in a relationship and you are best friends (or that was you first) then there is nothing going on?

Unless it serves a very different purpose than a love affair, but then I cannot advise you on that, because I have never experienced it.

Or maybe you need to step straight into the boat from a culture?
HMM, I still do not know what to advise, I know too little of the circumstances.

My husband is my best friend.It is also just what you know beneath it, for me a best friend is someone where you can be completely yourself and with which you can laugh and cry. Someone for which you go through the fire.
With the two of us we are sometimes a little small children, we build a fortress of mattresses and blankets in the living room and we sit there for the whole weekend to stink.Maybe that is also because we know each other as a child that we are so together, but we are just really crazy about each other. As adults we have a love affair with one another.
That was there rather than our close friendship.He also has a whole series of autistic traits so I think we have found each other and therefore understand each other as no other and therefore have no difficulty in giving each other space. Ideal. For us.

Is on it, if this person is your best friend [in it I would say that it is a bad idea, getting married with friends is not very logical.

If it was ever your best friend [in was but you now have a stable relationship, both emotionally and financially, and you’d like to start a life together, and you think you’re ready, go get married, if it really should you can still divorce.

I think it’s a great idea you can get together already and know them how you are and I think in a marriage always comes first is friendship because over time the person or persons can be with each other well over way and that is important

I think it is very important to be friend before you get married you know each other already and get along with each other so you are at the right track.

Ask me about 25 years once again

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