Is Immigration a business?

More has been written about people smugglers.

But a customer working at the IND had good to say weing about lawyers who are specialised in asylum applications.The IND can usually decide in a few weeks whether or not an asylum application has a chance to succeed. Unfortunately, there are lawyers who give these people false hopes and are going to litite for years. After maybe 10 years they still have to be out of the country, but by then they are fully established. But that lawyer has built up a flourishing practice.

Basically not, but in practice though.Someone has already written about the lawyers of asylum seekers, and another about human trafficking and trafficking. I’m not talking about the market that has arisen around inburin’ courses.

Under the rule of Rutte-II, the system has been implemented that asylum seekers themselves are responsible for their own integration, and who themselves must buy in with a loan issued by the state.
As a result, companies that offer civic integration courses as mushrooms have been shot off the ground, but this has been done with very inadequate government control.The consequence of this is that at present the market is steeped in very poor quality. I believe that this is simply the exploitation of refugees, which is irresponsible.

So yes, Dutch politics have not been able to make immigration ‘ n business, and we would do well to do at least some control over this system, rather than leave vulnerable people to their fate in favour of ‘ n group Unqualified opportunists.

With regard to human trafficking, the answer is yes. It is a degrading business, similar to the Pharmaciewhich is owned by Ammerikaanse and British investors.Michael Crichton has written a few interesting novels about it. The media, incidentally, give free advertising here (I hope) by bringing this to the attention daily. If I float in a rubber boat in whitewater, the chance that I drown is also great. Do not do so. And do not complain when you drowns.

In the five-part VPRO series Sahara by Bram Vermeulen you could see recently how the Sahel lives a whole village of the revenues of illegally transporting Africans through the Sahara towards Libya.And the smugglers? Entrepeneurs who know where to make money falls. In The documentary you could see that one of the smugglers is also a farmer and at the same time broker! Not that everyone is a entrepeneur but everyone hopes to pick up their job.

In the NOS journal excerpt below, you can see for yourself how people there explain that there is little work and bringing people to Libya delivers bread on the shelf in the poorest country of the world!

You have a wife and ten children.You have no work and can (much) earn from smuggling people towards the north. Do you say we are starving but we are not going to smuggle people illegally?

Another job you say?A legal job? Just fine, they all prefer to go there but voorlopig…

Incidentally, I do not understand that people from the Gambia do not apply for a tourist visa and then fly to Europe to request asylum.Much safer and also much cheaper than the usury prices that people smugglers ask for. Not that anyone from Gambia makes a lot of chance for a residence visa in the Netherlands incidentally.

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