Is hypersensitivity a result of being unable to feel and crowd your feelings?

Hypersensitivity is the same for me as “High-Sensitivity”!

Since I have that myself, I know exactly what is on the ground: Genes and the sign under which I am born.It has nothing to do with not being able to feel or to crowd your feelings! Hypersensitivity was something I was not happy with as a child, but I just had to if I wanted to or not. I saw, heard and felt everything… From the moment I remember myself as a small child…

It was not only that I could read on everyone’s face that someone was worried or was sad or withheld anger or was secretly… If my mother was homesick to her native region but did not show it, I was going to her… When a classroom chatted with someone, I immediately knew they were gossiped… If someone hid something for me, I knew… But the worst were the energies I felt around me and sometimes could see, which made me very anxious… As the energy of a dead…

‘ Pushing your feelings ‘ also loosens something with me as ‘ oversensitive ‘.Because it is often feelings that you do not feel, prob茅茅r you to crowd it, but that was not spent on me. The was just there…

Yet it has brought me where I am now: Because of my ‘ hypersensitivity ‘ and all the experiences thereon, I am now able to help other people with it.So if you would ask me if a person has a destiny? Is my answer resounding ‘ yes ‘.

It is about whether hypersensitivity is a symptom or the cause.
I am hypersensitive to stimuli.This is completely unrelated to emotions and feelings.

When hypersensitivity as a symptom, for example at least or slightest in crying erupst.That’s just years of saved feeling. That bucket is so full that he is actually constantly overflowing. I think the crowd might have happened, but that again is a result of not knowing how to express the emotions initially. And the disadvantage of such a bucket is also that at some point you don’t really know what the ‘ first drop ‘ was. You walk around with a bucket of everything and can therefore grasp bad things. And new positive things? That sink evenly to the bottom. A vicious circle that suits you very hard and can only break when you begin to reflect. But that step is huge, because then you have to admit to yourself that you walked around with that bucket all the time and didn’t dare to ask for help and you actually let yourself sit in that area. That part often weighs a lot of swords for people than what is actually in that bucket!

What exactly do you mean by ‘ hypersensitivity ‘?

Hypersensitivity/high sensitivity and highly sensitive are NOT the same!

High sensitivity is an innate personality characteristic with the main characteristic of the deeper processing and analysis of stimuli.
As a result, people who are highly sensitive have an increased vulnerability to overstimulation and emotionality.This is then as hypersensitivity/high sensitivity.

Not all people who are highly sensitive react sensitively.Some have learned to cope with their high sensitivity. And not all people who react oversensitively are highly sensitive. It may be too much for everyone.

Hypersensitivity therefore has nothing to do with ‘ not being able to feel ‘ or ‘ feeling ‘.Those who react hypersensitive feel more and do not know how to regulate emotions properly.

No, hypersensitivity is a sensory imbalance in the body and can be cured.Not being able to feel is accompanied by this, you are never 100% hypersensitive, it is always mixed with undersensitivity.

Pushing your feelings is automatic, it’s a survival reflex on too many sensory inputs.

Go read about Qigong sensory therapy.That is the only therapy that can heal sensory sensitivity. And do not let you think that it is between your ears and is an emotional problem because it is not.

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