Is human Greed The root of all social inequality?

I would say not.After all, it’s not annoying to have much if others also have a lot, shared greed certainly exists. The root of social inequality should be above all that we do not mind if others suffer pain, as long as we do not see it. We have to develop this because a system that runs on competition only works thanks to apathy. League has winners and losers, and if you get pity with the losers of this system then you will lose yourself too. You do not regret it for others that YOU have gotten the job. If we get a sense of conscience because people are dying because they do not have access to products that we have too much to use, then the idea of capitalism is to blame the victims for their social Position: “If they want more money they should work harder.”

Human greed can also lead to all sorts of good things.Was it not greed when the first people were trying to plant crops or keep animals?

If greed is innate in everyone, what makes us wrong?

Quite simply; Yes!
The more complete answer is: Yes, mainly.
Greed is primarily a learned behavior and not an inherent human condition/emotion.At least it should not be in a human being that evolves. If we were to be so evolved as we claim, greed and other nonsense (brakes) should have long been overcome.
However, what emerges even in the digital revolution in which we are: our animal behaviour is still prominent, fruitlessly we try to suppress, but the daily reality teaches differently: eat each other in traffic; We cannot live in harmony with each other; Not as human beings in themselves as humanity; Religion, money, “status”, appearance,.. Still separate us.
Greed stands here everywhere in first place or high between as a common divisor.

In my opinion, the proposition should be adapted to power.Greed is to want to possess more than the other. Power over the other, power over territory. Power to develop a greater prestige than the other. Power to influence another’s thinking.

Power makes possible.You determine the outcome for yourself and the other. It gives control over the future. A future that the ruler has drawn out, a future in which he himself is happy.

A compulsive hang for power could mean a compulsive hang to control.Control means fear. Fear of the other, fear of unpredictability, fear of the unknown. It means no connection with the other, and very little room for emotion, and relaxation.

To put leaders in power who do not possess empathy * , and which do not want to pursue altruism * * are the mistakes that the people make when they are appointed, so that the majority of ‘ people ‘ maintain this system.


* Empathy means being able to move in the living situation of the other.This is not pity, but really consider: if I should live in those circumstances, with the perception and the past of this person, how would this feel?

Do I take a correct decision?How do I transfer the message to that person?

* * Altruism means pursuing the highest importance of society as a whole.

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