Is ‘Growth Hacking’ nonsense?

In recent years, there has been a lot of hype about growth hacking.It has spread like wildfire in the start-up scene, which is also clear. Who doesn’t want to succeed quickly. However, the term has also received various interpretations, which may not all be as correct.

In some cases, it is Blackhat marketing methods that are successful in rare cases.The actual process is much more well-founded and complex than building a scraper and sending emails like wild.

Growth Hacking orLet’s use the term growth marketing directly, will provide a boost in many areas of marketing. Critics see growth hacks as unsustainable and unscalable. I see it very similarly, but they should be part of the overall growth strategy. Then the understanding becomes clearer and we can focus more on the perspective.

Unfortunately, many use different meanings for the same term (Growth Hacker, Growth Marketer or Growth Engineer).I think we need to separate this area more clearly. This is because a new occupational profile is emerging, which should not be lumped together. There are the Growth Marketers who provide traction at the beginning, not always serious marketers, but in an initial bootstrap phase very good to use. And there are those who do real growth marketing. Well, real is also stupid, no matter. It is about those who aspire to long-term growth and develop a process and strategies to implement exactly that. These are the ones that start analyzing data from a very high point in the company and aligning everyone in the team with ideas to advance the company. It is about sustainable business growth. Real growth marketers and founders often clash here, because often young founders do not understand this. To build a good foundation.

Real growth marketers aim to improve every phase of the customer journey, some of them are strategists, others are makers.They think entrepreneurially and in the good of the whole company. Finding them is difficult, but I just like to write.

But what is the difference.Maybe think about sport or our health. Often it doesn’t bring anything to eat healthy once a month or do a power workout in the studio. What you need is regularly good decisions that lead to the goal. Therefore, carefully choose your Growth Marketer or Growth Coach.

Many are looking in vain for short cuts, but this is unfortunately not so easy.But what always works is this: a product that customers want. You can step by step through Data Science, UX, SEO, Inbound and CRO and develop the product further. There are many ways to grow and unfortunately there isn’t one blue print that suits everyone.

These quick tricks to grow have little long-term success.Just look at Uber at a company that can be replaced overnight. Because it has a bad experience, employees are treated worse or suddenly come under criticism. This is a quick move and a good growth marketer is trying to avoid it. Airbnb, Hubspot or HotJar would be a few good examples in this case.

In the future, it will only be about value.Value that we build for our customers and give them more and more information and develop their potential with our help. Now my high performance coaching side comes up a little bit. But it’s not so different. It is also a holistic approach that we have in the personal growth process.

The product always comes first, which we have to remember and it should be best at every door.If you don’t have a good product, these Blackhat methods may help you get a few users and use them to develop the product. But at some point this marketer reaches his limit.

It is important to have a process in the company from this point on, which determines the long-term growth.Great companies were not created by a idea, but by many different ones until one worked well 🙂

In short, Growth is the future of marketing and if you want to take it seriously, the above considerations are definitely worth considering.

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