Is Fake news really something? Who benefits?

Have a look at news post because that’s a fake news website.But from news post it is generally known and is seen as satirical and humorous. Articles like many women never descale their fallopian Tubes and pork tenderloin threatened with extinction are nice examples of this.

They benefit from this through ads and people often find these fake messages so much fun that they share them on social media, attracting an even bigger audience.And so the revenue through ads is increasing considerably.

The joke is just that some other media don’t have that this is a satirical site and so they take the content blindly about thinking it’s true. The habit of some sites to take over news from the Internet is often a further spreading of fake news and thus it can lead to a complete life of its own.

The pin and the Onion are other well-known news sites with fake news.In addition, many other sites still want to take a 1-April joke. Just for fun.

But there are also sites with more sinister goals to spread fake news.Much of it as political propaganda or to obtain a certain influence over the public. In the U.S. elections, a lot of fake news was spread to make the opposing party black and to put on its own candidates. And that has assumed such enormous forms that many news during the elections is actually unreliable but people cannot distinguish it from real. It has played a huge role during the last elections and it is still being used by both the Democrats and the Republicans to make the opposing party black.

And the suspicion is that other powers affect the amount of fake news in the USA.Both Russia and China seem to be guilty of damaging the economy in the USA so that they themselves have a better market position on the international market. But well, that is nothing new because such propaganda has been used for centuries. The difference is that thanks to the Internet it goes much faster around the world.

Propaganda is enormously important in order to allow the population to support a certain ally.For instance, since the Second World War, the Americans and Canadians have been mentioned as liberators from all over Europe, while the majority of the battle was delivered by the Soviets. (The Russians.) But the Soviets were communist and Western countries were against it, so after WWII it was more pleasant to stamp other democracies as winners. And of course the Canadians in the Netherlands have made great sacrifices, but the Germans had long been losing when D-Day took place vond 鈧?娄

In short, fake news has especially value to exert influence on the population.

Driven by profit and opinion, the integrity of our news has long been under pressure.Especially nowadays, where we have unfiltered and verified access to large amounts of information, we lose all forms of overview. In Zo n environment It is all too easy to pack everything that seems credible.

One benefits by advertising revenues and sponsorship in order to influence public opinion in a certain direction.

We still collectively go for the most sensational items, which we seem to find more enjoyable.So well, what’s called fake news, what’s called real news? How much truth is there in real news, is 90% truth really news? Is 50% truth fake news? Who still makes a profit on real news?

Fake news is a new word for something that has existed for a long time.Small list:

  • Propaganda.
  • Opinion.
  • Advertising.
  • Marketing.
  • Influence.
  • Persuasion.

Don’t forget that Facebook just shows you what Facebook thinks you’re going to like.Facebook is not a social site, it is a mnarketing and sales platform (follow the Facebook share and read the presentations and quarterly reports).

Remember that Google chooses what you see.Bing, just the same. You surf every day with the same devices (MAC address for the techies) and often the same IP address at home and at work. They know what you are looking for and what you buy. Optimization means that Google sells more ads as advertisers sell more by advertising through Google. So if Google optimizes, it wants to say that they know in what you are interested in and what you buy.

One forgets quite a often that politics is actually marketing. In Belgium, for example, great marketing names are working to see which things are living in the people.Optimize the advertisements aimed at those who are sensitive to that subject. Left, right, green, yellow, white, brown, orange, they all spend money on their message. If the one says Taks the rich 70%, then says the other, you forget to say that in that and that country that has been tested and slaughter ended, after which the other side again says that this is not comparable because this and that happened. The point is not who is right, the point is that everyone has to put a message. Preferably another oneliner that will stick with most voters. If the Russians try to influence the US election (if I were them, I would do it too) than the Chinese too. And the US will interfere with the Russian and Chinese 鈧?艙prefersen 鈧?or politics. That does not necessarily mean that they are promoting one or the other candidate, it can be equally fun to expose both candidates as crooks. What damages a country more than the choice between two smeared candidates? What does not exclude that they have a preference to see the one and the other do not win. You should not explain to Jan with the Pet how the most crucial infrastructure is hacked. That cyber armies have indeed become an important leg of every army. That the router you have at home is as leak as a sieve. That your PC or tablet has a processor that has up to the hardware level errors that can be exploited to gain full access. 95% of people buy an Internet Security firewall or install a free version. That program needs access to the deepest layers of the operating system and as such is a wonderful opportunity in terms of information and control over the computer. The user gives themselves access. And at the same time, we know that a little hacker has long been awake from a firewall of the reputed brands. The point is that you are the cue ball. You have been played. Also by the one behind who you stand now and for whom you would give your life as a way of speaking. Who can win against a driver on doping? Another driver with doping (everything is optimised for maximum efficiency, bike, clothing, blood values, muscles).


Newspapers with a website collect their revenues from advertisements.Ads are worth more as many people click on articles and on the website. The paper version of the newspaper contains advertisements from large advertisers. For example, when an article was going to appear about the Sjoemel diesels called an office to the newspaper to stop this article. The news was too big to stop. But other, smaller problems can be swept without a rooster crowing under the mat. Where information was provided decades ago, almost all news has now become an opinion. Via Foto s in an article you can manipulate it in a magistal way. Someone you don’t like, use a embarrassing photo. Someone you like, use a nice picture, wide smile and what’s still. It’s just an example, but advertisers and politicians know only too well how dependent the newspapers are (in Belgium the newspaper dispensation is subsidised and the newspapers cannot afford to lose advertisers). At the time, the financial newspaper in Belgium, you have partner content. Weekend interviews. Everyone is able to jump to such 鈧?艙gratis 鈧?publicity. It is a matter of how important interviews show a clear agreement between interviewer and interviewed to discuss certain hot irons. Journalists get 鈧?艙persprijzen 鈧?from banks that went under by political figures, who never had to be accountable, banks that advertise in the same newspaper. And which saddened the citizen with great debts and problems. One of the senior writers and I quote:

鈧?艗the criminal law serves to redress victims of a crime, for a lot also financially.But it is more: it is also a tool to enforce the rules that help to organize society. A criminal conviction gives the signal that society does not find certain practices acceptable. That signal was not given in the Fortis dossier. 鈧?p>

Ageas (Fortis under new name) is a major advertiser and there are regular interviews with that cool CEO pee.Then it is rush-hour walk because you are paid by The advertiser and you have to IET or try to retain your credibility as 鈧?艙journalist 鈧? Then you get something like that.

Journalists consist no more, the independence requirement is not compatible with advertisers or sponsors.


If you look at behavioural psychology.For example, Prof. Cialdini studies the behavior of people based on automatisms that may cause certain reactions that we are unaware of. People are very infallible and as such they always seek confirmation of their right. Even if the facts give them wrong. There are often different versions of reality where one group sees it so and the other group sees it completely differently. 鈧?艙Confirmation Bias 鈧?is always something of the others, never for yourself. 鈧?艙Cognitive Dissonance 鈧?is also such a phenomenon. Unfortunately you only learn after ten, twenty years of reading and searching for answers, how man is the cue ball of what he or she reads. The book 鈧?艙influence 鈧?that has been out for a long time will show you the experiments performed by Prof Cialdinin. Why certain sellers perform better than others and how that comes.

Thanks, Quora user, for the question.

Journalism is not for nothing called the 鈧?虄fourth Power (After the Triassic politica: Legislative, executive, judicial power).After a 鈧?虄coupe The new rulers try to get the media under control as quickly as possible. Whoever masters the News masters the People: you can now determine what the people will hear and keep a lot of filth under the CAP. Newspapers can unleash Hetze s, newspapers can skew dictators as 鈧?虄very suitably and wrongdoings unnamed.

You and I have the time and the possibility not to check new messages on 鈧?虄value Halte .We rely on our sheet, to a greater or lesser extent.

Today in the news: the University of Utrecht makes separate entrances for men and women.

Nonsense, fake news-but may want to drop someone 鈧?虄the Muslim negative.

So yeah, fake news is a problem though.

Due to the hassle around fake news, I’ve finished my Facebook account.I find it very frightening that a company makes so many erroneous and negative acts.

So there was my favorite news channel on Facebook The Free Thought Project.One day, this page dared to claim that the U.S. government divorced and locked up parents and children. Facebook Comment: page is blocked for spreading fake news for several months. Two days later it was World news and Facebook didn’t even have the decency to rectify their mistake.

They do not give up, as I am interested: Facebook keeps deleting them regularly.

Fake News exists.Not like a certain orjanje-tinted 鈧?虄president used it, but it does exist.

Fake news is literally fake news.There is nothing wrong with it, it is not proof for it, but is presented as true and feirly.

Depending on who distributes it, and/or in whose assignment this happens, it may have one or more of the following purposes:

Spreading (politically tinted) images.The relevant politicians benefit therefrom, their followers do their (dirty) awaken to them.

Spreading information about a product in the form of news.(Creating) A hype is the result. The producers benefit therefrom.

To hijack competitors.Competitors of those competitors benefit from this. In The Netherlands This is forbidden, just like recoame in which competitors (neatly Gesegd) are insulted. Abroad, this can occur, but not everywhere.

Damaging one’s reputation.Happens less often, but gossip (I don’t mention names) often refer to the method of asking questions, which are not based on anything and also do not have to be substantiated with evidence, in order to trap someone (usually wrongly) the ground. The tobogganing blades naturally benefit from this.

Yeah, fake news is real.

Think the people who have the highest position in journalism and what higher powers determine what comes into the news.Journalists themselves, are not to be trusted. Some invent stories to just have a juicy story.

Even the weather report can’t trust you, so what’s the news Then

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