Is faith based on fear?

Again such a yes/no question, white or black, while Godfried Bomans already told us that virtually nothing in life is white or black, but grey.

I should like to mention the answer to this question as dark grey.Fear certainly plays with it: fear of the unknown. In this sense, my answer seems to be the content of Hendrik-Jan Van der Waal. While he starts with “no”.

Religion is culture-cross-cultural.You will find it at all times with all peoples. You will find it in peaceful, harmonious forms, and you will find it in aggressive, polarizing forms. In Major religions you encounter both manifestations. This applies to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, even the Hebrew belief that is a little one on a global scale, but old and with a great spread.

That is in relation to the question and to ways in which people deal with fear, not so crazy.The initial reflex may then be fight, flight, Freeze, (fight, flee, stiffening) a much used mechanism after that first reaction is: pacify, so try to vote favorably. You bring that Supreme being sacrifices, you raise hymns, you prove supreme reverence. Even in the Netherlands, you are still creating special legislation to prevent these gods and their supporters, but not for the head: Sunday rest, tax facilities for religious institutions, until recently even professional bans, because a Catholic could Not to be a king, in fact, not to marry Catholic or to have his children baptised in that faith. Fine guys, those Christians among each other.

Every successful belief must meet three requirements:

  1. It must answer three questions on which there is no rational answer: Where do we come from (what is the origin of the universe, of Life), where do we go (what happens to me when I die, where is my fallen daughter, my beloved life companion , what happens to the earthly Keven when it is evaporated by the sun) and where is it all for (what is the meaning of life).
  2. It must provide eternal, for God-given, values and rules and commandments based on them.

But they have to be multi-interpretable at the same time, because we are now looking a little differently against slavery and the man as head of the woman than it used to be. So you have to have a book and/or tradition with theorems and stories that you like colored LED lights than white, then red or blue, but rather not pink, can let it glow. And your book should not make verifiable predictions. Very positive, but not to be checked. Because Lou de Paling farmer really has not come back and his religion is dead.

  • The faith must be made serviceable to power.
  • Rulers must be able to keep the people under the thumb, relying on and the authority of religion. Even now, in the Western world, our own Dutch legislation still has many traces of it, two religious parties are part of the government and in, for example, the US and Poland and the UK it is all much worse.

    Back to the question.Do you encounter fear in this? Yes. In 1 You will find the fear of the unknown, for the future. In 2 and 3 The fear of reason, for analysis and evidence.

    So yes, fear is one of the things that stands at the base of religion.But of course not the only one. Then we would say that man is only driven by fear, and according to Dick Swaab, that is not the way.

    That is deficient through the bend.That depends very much on the faith and its interpretation. The fear of death and the view of an afterlife is an example of an existential fear that runs as a common thread through Christianity, for example. Also Hinduism knows reincarnation and no final stop. Incidentally, there is one agreement between all the beliefs that most of them jump out of it, and that is the love of God for man and nature.

    No to uncertainty, unfamiliarity.You see throughout history that there have always been beliefs for events that one could not explain. Here also the natural gods come from. Now that we know more about nature, a myth is no longer needed as a statement.

    It is true that religions have made use of their position and power to frighten people.If you do not sister and so does not come in heaven. Or will God punish you. And because we do not (yet) know what really happened after overdirecting, we are very sensitive to that.

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