Is ‘ dropping ‘ an educational Dutch tradition or irresponsible idiotics? What do you think of the fuss in the USA?

It is in any case a scouting tradition.In my case, the Bear trek I traveled in the heart of November ‘ 83 with a group of 7 on the Kalmthoutse Heide was an adventure that I will never forget.

My backpack was packed with canned sausages, homemade smoke bombs and dry clothing, along with a well-stocked thermos bottle.It was an offroad walking adventure through shrubs and moonlit forest trails, with a staff map and a compass. The smoke bombs had been too well made and had worrying flames as a consequence. More than two, we did not like it, seemed sensible to us.

Navigating was far from perfect, but we arrived at destination.Here is my love for hiking and mountain walking born. I still do it.

If you’ve never experienced it, it seems like a perversible adventure and in a country like the US where driving is the norm, it seems unthinkable.But just like with all sports and dancing, joining is more fun than watching. The fuss is unjustifiably, but you will never be able to explain them.

Gosh… Knowing that this pedagogical criticism comes from a country where they teach their young teenagers to shoot with semiautomatic weapons, then I find their fuss quite hypocritical…

During a dropping (who does not know it > dropping a group of children in one place and then using map, compass and social skills to find the way to another place, such as the Bivouac area of their youth movement) teach children Autonomy and working together in a peergroup.The adults and/or the management are deemed to trust the children that they can accomplish this to a good end… Any release of control is therefore necessary…

In a country like the USA they are rather steering and controlling for children, because something will happen… Learning to shoot their youth fits fully into this spirit of educating in a paranoia society… So would like to ask a little more humility to a country where they stop minors firearms in the pollekes, rather than another educational approach in another country so… Euh… to shoot off… #punintended

Great a dropping… Always had fun.Every country has its traditions. And the adventures you have during a dropping are irreplaceable.

There are more peoples who have a kind of ritual as a step towards adulthood.

Let them make their own but busy in the USA to that wall.We keep on dropping.

In America, people regularly go to a school to shoot Wildeweg in the round, but they make them crowded because children are dropped in a “forest” about they are big like a huge American park.American forests are large in the Netherlands. Americans think that the children are dropped tens of kilometers of civilization. My tactics were at the time about 15 to 20 minutes one straight line to run in any direction. You came to a landmark.

‘, ‘ Nothing wrong with that, we have been doing a long time, also in a scout context, high organized.Someone in America was worried about something that is completely different in their context than in the Dutch. Hype’je, will go over again.

“,” What fuss?This article is not about fuss, but from a mild admiring amazement, right?

Dropping is not a Dutch tradition.To my knowledge, all scouts and other youth movements are doing it in Europe.

It’s a fun way to teach young people how to work together in group to achieve a good result (back on the camp site).

I spent night dropping, dew dropping (so 5h in the morning) and dagdropping done at both scouts and other youth movements and it was always fun.We got atime a map or a sheet with clues, matter of walking a bit the right side:)

I can imagine that they find this in the US a little strange: walk a farmer on his way and the half Scouts group is immediately pierced with bullets (from self-defense of course)

There is no fuss in the USA, there is an article published in a newspaper.

The dropping is also neither.No educational tradition, because not always and everywhere used, and also no irresponsible idiotion.

Children are not really dropped and then left to their fate.The people who are in charge of the dropping have their hands full.
For children It is especially an adventure.The tension.

‘, “I’ve done more or less the same during Scouting Campouts (I was born and raised in the US, and was American until a few years ago).A ‘ snipe hunt ‘ hike in the Dark Forest (and American forests are real forests) on the hunt of something that does not exist, with some ‘ surprises ‘ of the older youngsters.

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