Is Coca-Cola responsible for the obesity epidemic?

This is very short by the bend.PEPSI also supplies the same services. Moreover, there are countless fast-food chains that have nothing to do with those two companies, where there are also enough customers to come by.

Obesity is not only attributable to ‘ a lot of food ‘.It is often deeper than that. There are often reasons, for which many are eaten. Emotion-eating, for example. By taking away the causes for those emotions, the eating behavior can also be changed. With great difficulty, it’s a tough fight.

It can also come from the use of certain medications (kidney patients can talk about this).

It may even come through hereditary causes.

In short: The answer must be: ‘ Perhaps in part, but certainly not the only one and it is not at all the only cause of obesity, as far as it is already demonstrably possible. ‘

No, Coca-Cola is not responsible for the “obesity epidemic”.

All the pre-packaged food is full of sugars and other additives that you get thick.Cola only makes a tiny particle of this obesity diet.

There are also other reasons than eating or drinking why people thicken: instance.

Or dietary habits that are passed on from generation to generation.

Or poverty, giving you just enough money to buy the unhealthiest food.

It’s hard to describe this topic because I don’t want to hurt anyone or blame anything.

It is also difficult to make a particular product responsible for human behaviour.

But as I said: Cola is not responsible.

Greetings, Stign

At most in part.The advertising companies that employ them can also be partially held responsible. The Nazi Julius Streicher was hung because he made a lot of propaganda to slaughter Jews

I think it is a shared responsibility.On the one hand, Coca-Cola processes the addictive substances caffeine and sugar (and not such a little bit) in their beverage, but on the other hand, people are responsible for their eating and drinking habits. Anyone who has a minimum of knowledge, knows that overuse of cola will have certain consequences on his or her body.

What I do reproach Coca-Cola is the extremely large amount of sugar that it does not want to get off.

For the rest, you can just as well replace cola in your question with fast food chains, fries and you name it.

People have to get busy in their job, the children have to be picked up at the shelter and then quickly warming up or picking up, because there are still the hobbies where they have to be brought and you name it. The time of preparing a posh grinds There is often no more.

Difficult choice, der are many excessive sugar drinks and burgers etc.

Only Coca Cola attacks is too simple.The strategy of Coca Cola and other brands is to artificially stimulate our taste buds. And our brains are used to it. Now they are turning the campaigns back to decrease. Inversely proportional. To combat obesity, people learn the simple principle es to resist your kloten and not always let the economy run on speed effecience. We do too many light things on a button. But 1 coarse thing doing that takes time can already help against obesity:P

The modern world lives on cans and refined flower products.All that junk has sugar in it. When you read the labels and count the amount of sugar you work in each day, you will discover that two litres of Coca Cola per day do not have much sugar. All starch products are in essence sugar, but the refinements are one hundred percent absorbed by the body, but the whole ones do not contain any other nutrients and no additives.

Compare the Coca Cola label with that of a bottle of fruit juice.

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